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Throwing Up in Your Sleep

“This past week has been an interesting one. In many ways, I have been under a big attack physically. I have had a spastic colon that God healed a couple of years ago. The doctors put me on some medication for my diabetes which caused my colon to act up. I stopped taking the medication last week but instead of the symptoms going away right away, it lingered for almost a

week. I got some friends to pray for me after church Sunday and all is well with that. The fact that it lasted so long after discontinuing the medication started to get me worried and understanding that something much bigger was going on. I believe that much of it is an attack.

What happened Sunday morning confirms to me that I have been under spiritual attack from the evil one. I awoke at a little after 3AM Sunday morning. The mere fact that I woke up is a complete miracle of God. I had thrown up in my sleep and had sucked it all into my lungs, completely blocking my airway. I live alone. People who die in their sleep, die from this. They DO NOT wake up! I was awakened, lungs full of stuff, unable to move any air in or out of my lungs. I was totally unable to talk.

I got up and went into the bathroom. I was able to force a tiny breath into my already totally expanded lungs but nothing out. As I was standing in the bathroom fighting to move any air in or out of my lungs, I realized that there was a spiritual battle going on also. After over 2 minutes of being conscious and not breathing, my mouth was really nasty tasting so I bent over the sink and spit out. A tiny gasp of exhaled air came out finally from my lungs. I spent the next 4-5 minutes breathing like this, ever so slightly, very small amounts in and out, standing and bending over, until I started coughing and choking and trying to spit up (although nothing was thrown up at all–my stomach was completely empty). I coughed a small amount up and swallowed it but that was it.

As you can imagine, this shook me up. I called my doctor and have been put on some medication for reflux. They keep telling me how lucky I am to be alive since this is not something you recover from but rather a cause of death. I tell them that it was God and that He decides the day I will die and go to be with Him. I was sent for some chest X-rays. I was told at the hospital that they would not take a walk-in. They called up and I was able to get the X-rays done. The woman who was checking me in was a Christian and I shared with her what God had done. She kept shaking her head and telling me that God was not done with me yet either. She was praising God with me that I survived this.

As you can see, God’s hand of protection is all over what is going on in my life here. My doctors caution me because I am not taking the fact that I almost died very seriously and that there could still be some ill effects from my ordeal. I am asking for prayers of both protection and that I would heal completely. They are monitoring me for signs of infection or damage from all of this. I am easily winded and my lungs just don’t feel normal. Pray that they would clear and all would be well.

Thanks” Robin (Received on Sunday December 16, 2000)