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Which Was Broken Is Restored

To what shall we compare the grace of God? Could it be like a morsel of fine flour to a starving man, the first ray of light in a brand new day, or a pitcher of pure water in a dry desert place? By His grace, our joy is made complete.

This very day my heart rejoices in the return of my wife and children. That which was lost has been found, that which was broken has been restored, that which was once wounded has been made whole. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Most High for His grace endures forever!

God bless you for your precious prayers on our behalf. They are a sweet smelling savour in Christ before the throne of grace. May the Most High repay your kindness many times over, remembering your love for us in that great day when we shall all give account before the judgment seat of the Lord of life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Again I say, thank you.

In the amazing grace of the Master,

Cliff Hanlon (Received on Monday July 24th, 2000)