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Witnessing in Korea


We’ve had a couple other exciting happenings. One of the teachers has almost an entire class–11 students–that asked for Bible studies with the Pastor and they are now studying every day from 11:30 to 12:30.

The other is that our institute had its first-time-ever children’s Mission day. Here are the results: I preached to 98 kids at 4PM. Other teachers preached at 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM. Altogether 108 said they want to study the Bible with a Pastor.

30 of them are old enough (14-18 years old) to make serious decisions. I think the others are too, but they aren’t old enough to act on their decisions yet. But if they keep making the decision–their time will


The older ones are already beginning Bible studies with the Pastors, and very shortly a children’s Bible class will be started on Sabbath afternoons for the others to begin studying on a level they can understand. I’m praising the Lord for every one of them.

My husband and I will be heading home in a few days for a 6-month break, and then we will return to Korea again for another 6 months in October if it is the Lord’s will. I’m leaving my winter clothes and teaching materials here.

If there are any SDAs who are reading that have a BA degree and are native English speakers and who would like a job in the mission field, we desperately need them here in Korea.

In 1999 the goal was to have 20,000 students here by the year 2000, but we reached that goal in early 1999. Now we have grown to over 30,000 students, but no more teachers. There were also about 350 baptisms last year throughout the language schools. We feel God sends us our students because there are many language schools here they could choose. We believe He places in our classes the ones He wants each one of us to reach. And then He speaks to the hearts of those seeking for truth. We just show them all, love and kindness, so they will want to be like Jesus.

Thanks for your concern. Sincerely,

Sandra Cruz (Received on Thursday April 20,2000)