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What Does the Bible Say About … HALLOWEEN?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

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Halloween is a tradition in North America that happens on the last evening of October. Children disguise themselves, going door to door, asking for candy and playing tricks on people.

Preamble: Some people may not know the implication of the celebration of Halloween in North America. They’re more to this. I have taken time to research into what Halloween is and the implication on man. I like to say unequivocally that it has a demonic origin. Let me start by defining what demons are and we discuss it you will agree with me that the devil can coin so many things in order to deceive people. Remember that the devil deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden by giving her forbidden fruit to eat. The devil said that even though God said that you would die if you eat the fruit in the garden, you would not surely die. The devil is a liar and the father of it.


I know that some may be involved in the celebration without knowing the origin, but I tell you as you read this message let your eyes be opened. The origin of Halloween is satanic. I have had time to visit their web and I learnt so much. I have compared Halloween to masquerade and some related tradition that has been turned to worshipping the devil in Africa. I know what I am saying. I have been involved in eating in the shrine, wearing masquerade gowns and going from house-to-house begging for money or trying to do exactly what they do in the North America on the day Halloween is celebrated. Before then, there are certain rituals that are involved in the celebration. My great maternal grandfather was involved in a celebration similar to Halloween. It used done yearly. However he had the devil as his god. He used to kill chickens, go to shrine and dedicate himself and all the people that will be involved in his god. When I gave my life to Jesus I had to submit and subject to deliverance in the hand of the Lord. I had to totally yield my life to God and walk in the light.


God set out in the beginning to establish His Kingdom. The devil rebelled and decided to establish His kingdom. One of such kingdom is the Kingdom of the enemy where Halloween is celebrated. The kingdom of Satan is built up on the same pattern as the Kingdom of God. Satan was once a mighty prince of God. He has full knowledge of the set up in the kingdom of God. Whenever we encounter a manifestation of satanic power, we can be sure that satanic manifestation is an imitation. Let us look at the some examples. There is a satanic trinity even as there is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit The Flesh The Lord Jesus The Devil The Father The World

The background of Halloween is the following:

(a) The practice is demon-controlled

Ezekiel 13:6-8 “Their visions are false and their divinations a lie. They say “The Lord declares” when the LORD has not sent them; yet they expect their words to be fulfilled. Have you not seen false visions and uttered lying divinations when you say, “The Lord declares,” though I have not spoken”.

(b) Witchcraft:

Witches will be on the increase in the last days. During Saul’s reign one even had the ability and permission – to bring up the dead (I Samuel 28:7-20). Saul started well but his end was destruction because he consulted with witches in order to know the future. The devil has nothing to offer.

(b) Mediums:

Those who claim to have familiar spirits (demons). For all who do these things are abominations to the LORD (Deut. 18:12)

We must remember that god warned the Israelites saying; “You shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations (Deut. 18:9-14).

(c) Idolatry

They were not to worship Molech, who require human sacrifice of young children, the Lord called this demon-religion an “abomination” Even Solomon sinned in erecting an altar to Molech (I Kings 11:7.

The Way out of Demonic Tendencies::

“If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land” (Isaiah 1:9). Those who left Egypt “under the blood of the Lamb” have this promise:

“Surely there is no enchantment (witchcraft that will work) against Jacob, neither is there any divination (sorcery that will work) against Israel (Number 23:23.

Revelation 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murders, the sexual immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters (Halloween celebrators inclusive) and all liars – their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death

Do not fear demons. Remember “Ye are God, little children and have overcome them; because great is he that is in you, that he that is in the world (I John 4:4).


II Cor. 6: 14-18 “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them and I will be their God, and they will be my people” Therefore, come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you. I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty”.

This is a wonderful promise from the Almighty God. No earthly father can give this eternal promise. No government or nation can make such a declaration. Obey what you creator is saying and come out from among them (Halloween Celebrators). It is not good for Christians in any way. The unbelievers should get out quickly and embrace Jesus as the Lord of their lives situations!

Christians should, therefore, not celebrate Halloween. Our God is a jealous God. Worship Him in the right way- holiness and righteous and you will be blessed indeed. “Without Holiness, no one will see the Lord” – Hebrews 12:14

Conclusion: I am aware that some of the people involved may not know the background of Halloween. I have gone to their various web sites and have studied a little about them. Halloween is satanic and does no good to man. As a matter of fact it is an invitation to demons. The scripture says that we should not have any other God beside him. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Come God Jesus through Jesus today and you shall be save.

The enemy has coined Halloween celebration to be fun. But remember, the origin is not fun. The devil is looking for disciples. His kingdom is expanding daily to as many as will listen to its lie. Come to JESUS today, tomorrow may be too late – John 3:7. Satan is the author of Halloween celebrations, no matter how you argue it! It is full of deceit, ungodly and immoral. No immoral thing will enter heaven. Heaven is a place for the righteous. You must be there if you accept Jesus and forsake your sins. Proverbs 28:13 says He that covereth his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesseth them and forsakes them will have mercy” The mercy of God is available to you today. (KJV) Why must you die? You are not destined for hell. Jesus loves you indeed.

My age mates who were involved in the practice similar to Halloween celebrations who still refuse to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior are still being tormented by the devil to day. While some have died mysteriously, some are still under the influence of the devil. No progress, no prospect and the enemy are tormenting them everyday because they are under his care. They started using the celebration as fun because of their ignorance of the origin. When the truth is being preached to them, some are yet to accept the Lord who gives deliverance from sin and demonic bondage. This is dangerous. I am still praying for them and reaching them with the Gospel.

Those who practice Halloween in North America, you are delivered in Jesus’ Name. Accept Jesus today and you will be free. I am praying for you!


Rev Debo Adeyemo


Santa has become a big part of Christmas (as is the Christmas tree and presents), the Ester Bunny and Easter eggs are a big part of Easter. Halloween has pagan roots and just as the enemy tricked Eve with his slick talk, so will he do with others. Children love candy and this celebration has been very smoothly incorporated into a regular expectation for children and some adults. Just s we can take back what the enemy has stolen, we can substitute focus on Christ by having a party at the church to share the love of Christ. We have all kinds of fairs, parties and such, so, why not –since I do not believe Halloween does any service to the kingdom of God– substitute a party for Jesus on that day -at the church. Give the kids bags of candy or whatever and focus teaching and activities on Jesus and his life. 

Steve Jarrell


I believe that Christians should avoid the usual public display of Halloween.

Halloween is a festival only recently introduced to New Zealand, but as I understand it, it comes from All Hallows Eve, a time for remembering souls of the dead with prayer and reverence.

Halloween, like Mardi Gras, Easter and Christmas, has been hi-jacked by the masses to provide a time for retail outlets to rake in the money.

Halloween glorifies evil spirits as well, which makes it doubly bad. I feel that the current Halloween festivities have become paganised, like Mardi Gras, which has nothing to do with Lent, and a lot to do with excesses and profligacy by non-Christians.

When Halloween masked children come ‘trick or treating’ at my house, I tell them ‘treat’, and give them a Biblical tract to tell them about the real meaning of the time, which has nothing to do with masks, scaring people or playing nasty tricks on them. The older ones get told they are extorting rewards through menace, and that is a crime! Last year we had teenagers smoke-bombing a pensioners home, which caused a fire, and generally this country does not receive Halloween well, even though the shops are full of the masks, collecting bags and goodies associated with this time. I hope that it eventually fizzles out through lack of support.

JOY in NZ “A joyful heart is more easily made perfect than one that is cast down.”

Philip Neri


Halloween was once celebrated to actually acknowledge the saints, but the world has taken it and added new meaning, Now of days it can mean evil and usually does. This is my opinion If these Christians are living in a small neighborhood, where they can “trick or treat” as the world calls it safely both spiritually and physically and the people of the town don’t use it as a bad holiday then i see no reason why they can’t. But say you have a town like mine where yes devil worshipers have grabbed up this holiday and made it their own then I suggest you get together a group of Christians to organize a fall festival like my local church does. I know from experience that this is a blessing because it gives you the chance you’ve always wanted to work together planning this and getting to know new members of the congregation and at the same time offer an alternative to all the nearby children and adults only out there searching for a place to belong in an unfriendly world. 


I do not believe that Christians should celebrate Halloween, it’s an EVIL “holiday” and it invites EVIL Spirits into our lives. I never did like Halloween personally, and it wasn’t because I was a Christian at the time. (I’m British from England originally, and I didn’t like the idea of my children going out “begging” for candy, or saying that they’d commit a trick if they didn’t get any. (Although a lot of people think it’s clean fun), I do not think it’s appropriate to teach your children that it’s Okay to act this way. Then I came to find out the real reason for not liking Halloween, and I’m even more against it than ever before. Before I knew, I would let my children have a toy to keep them home, but would let them give out candy to the children that came to our door. Now I make sure the light is ALWAYS OFF on Halloween night. My answer is obviously NO WAY should Christians, or any other people actually, celebrate HALLOWEEN. I think it’s sad that most people think it’s okay to teach their children these things.

In his love Trisha


TO be technical, no Christians should not celebrate Halloween because it is a pagan holiday.

Dave Schiefele


No, Christians should not celebrate Halloween. I feel Halloween is a day the devil deceives or tries to. How ever it is very hard to explain to children as all they see is a night to get free candy. Our duty as Christians should give the kids another option when answering the door for our trick or treaters. Give out tracks or say something that can relate to Halloween as Godly people “God Bless You” Children should be taught this is a day not to celebrate.

Angie Ross


I must start by being immensely bold. I think that the question you really mean to ask is “Should Christians refrain from celebrating Halloween?”. The question as, you ask it, implies a duty by Christians to celebrate Halloween and I don’t think that Christians should be required to celebrate Halloween. Therefore I turn to the propriety of Christians celebrating Halloween.

First of all “celebrate Halloween” is a bit vague and allows a great deal of latitude and I will take it all here. Among the ways we celebrated Halloween, before my son died at age six, was to allow him to decide on a costume that he would like to wear (a decision subject to approval from Mom and Dad, of course) dress him in it and go say “trick or treat” to the neighbors. Due to his medical problems, for most of his Halloweens he was not ambulatory as he started walking very late (age 3) and pretty much stopped walking before his last Halloween.

We trick or treated at Children’s Hospital most years by going about to various departments (most of which he visited as a patient one time or another, or more) and passed out nice, individually wrapped candies. This was something we liked to do at Easter and Christmas also. My son loved to do this. Traditional trick or treating was done in the neighborhood where my son was pretty well known but rarely seen as the maladies he suffered kept him from a “normal” lifestyle. The neighbors all loved to give him special treats. He not only got scads of candy but also coloring books and video tapes and other nice gifts. We would only visit ten houses or so but he came home with as many goodies as kids who spent hours going about.

That was pretty much our Halloweens. Mom made the costumes, my son wore them, I loved to have him be able to do sort of “normal kid” things.

I guess it comes down to this. We also celebrate secular holidays, including visiting Santa, complete with gifts from him. For Easter we dyed eggs and hid them in a basket for my son. His Grandparents let him dye 6 dozen eggs last year. Because he was having so much fun doing it and it was a nice “normal kid” thing to do his Grandpa left several times to go buy more eggs.

We only visited the Easter Bunny from a distance because my son was scared of him. I do believe that this was probably his only fear except for some that came from his odd maladies. He was as brave a human being I’ve ever known and as good a soul as I’ve ever known. He learned his rules and he obeyed them pretty well. He was extremely good-natured and loved by everybody who met him. He had a charm about him. Some rules were more important than others and he very well learned “The Prime Directive” from us: Love God.

I look forward to answers from others. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion.



Greetings in the name of Jesus I am an Evangelist and a few years ago the LORD began to lead me to teach and preach regarding the subject of Halloween. There are many reasons why I believe that we as Christians should not participate. But I will try and be brief. The more that I studied the past of this celebration the more I began to realize how deceived so many people have been (including my self) for many years. There are lots of scriptures dealing with this but the Holy Spirit brings this one to mind. Gods word says “To abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 Thess 5:22 and the celebration of Halloween is the very appearance of evil. It does and always has glorified death and the occult. The most startling proof is the testimony of so many EX- occultist that are now born again that testify that it is Satan’s (un) holy day. And we as Christians should take a stand for right and fight against the spiritual wickedness in high places. God bless you. please visit our web site for more information on this subject we also have two sermons available on this “THE TRUTH ABOUT HALLOWEEN” and “HALLOWEEN, SATAN’S DAY OF ATONEMENT”  God bless you 

Evangelist Billy Douglas 


About the question Should Christians celebrate Halloween? No the celebration of Halloween started in Europe as all Hollows eve. When the Druid Priests would require a human sacrifice, when they went to the home of a village person and he refused that is where the trick came in. A jack o lantern with a candle made of human fat was left at his door, showing everyone that the people in that home was cursed. What father or mother would let there children be sacrificed to the evil gods. There is a lot more on this in history books. My children make a choice to celebrate Christmas or Halloween, I gave them the choice if they celebrate Halloween they cant have a Christmas. You know what they wanted because Jesus is more important they want to celebrate his day of birth. 



Hi, Just wanted to ask, does anyone think Jesus would celebrate something that is for being against what he taught us to do? Let me also add, No it is not the part of the kids having fun that is wrong with it, It is the fact that the Halloween is a representation of ungodly things. Thank you, Hope I do not make too many people mad. 



Listen to the Father as Jesus did. Who is my neighbor? Once I believed no Christian should celebrate this pagan holiday. But now I listen to the Father like Jesus did? It is usually the children in your neighborhood who ring the bell with their parents. Why would I not greet in the love of Christ my neighbors? Who is my neighbor?

I have been lead at times to give treats and tracts to the kids? One of our universal kingdom missions is the great commission and we need to love our neighbors as ourselves. The last thing I want to do is to be a Pharisee who is religious and legalistic but be empty by getting involved in controversy with the lost. People are loved into the kingdom not lectured in. Jesus saves not correct doctrine.

I went to one church that allowed the kids a church party and dress up as characters of the bible. The pastor was wise to teach the children not to rebel but find ways to express their fun God’s way in edification. They talked about the origin of Halloween but also taught why they were celebrating Staints day instead to counter the counterfeiter. I believe this pastor stepped out in prayer first before He ever acted on this type of party. The parents supported it for a good reason. We have a lot of traditions of men that you can either be negative or judgmental about or you can allow an opportunity to win people over to Christ and celebrate the genuine love that all of us need to develop one for another.

Jesus had a reputation too-he went into sinners houses and befriended prostitutes and tax collectors. Why? He never sinned but celebrated with them to draw them to himself. He listened to the Father on more then one occasion to get direction and favor in what He did. What would Jesus do – He would listen to the Father and share the light in a dark world? He prayed and listened before he walked into an unclean house. When you have the truth and protection Of God you will do what He leads you to do. What would the Father tell you to do in Jesus name? 


NO! Halloween should not be celebrated. This day is a day where cults engage in practices such as sacrifices where animals and even people are killed and they are used as a sacrifice. This is not a innocent day where children should dress in costume and have fun and go trick or treating it is a very evil holiday. we have to be careful in all of our behavior and ask ourselves would be want to have Jesus with us when we are celebrating Halloween and know that Jesus is indeed with us and sees everything we do We should not be up to tricking people we should be blessing people and witness to them. 


I would like to answer on how I feel as a Christian. I see that Halloween is in some cases fun for everybody. I have always enjoyed the kids trick or treating around my house. Personally, no I do not see anything wrong with Halloween . As a holiness Christian we have given haunted houses and parties for our young people for Halloween. I have taken my young people class to the nursing home to distribute candy to the patients and we had a party for those who could come to the fellowship hall. The kids dressed in their costumes as I dressed in mine and went to work dressed up. Its a difference in having fun and going to the extreme. If a person goes out and destroys property as I have seen some do then its wrong and in fact, being a Christian I don’t see that anyone would do that.

I don’t make big deal as far as decorating my home for it, just a few homemade ghost in trees outside. I will answer this way also. There are some who does not believe in Halloween and we can’t judge them. There are some who don’t believe in having Christmas trees in their home but we can’t judge them. I think this question is for each individual as to how they believe. I am a kid myself when it comes to doing things like this with kids. I just ask that each one search their own belief and if they feel its wrong then please don’t celebrate Halloween. I will say this, I don’t celebrate Halloween as I would any occasion as birthdays, etc., I just don’t go out for that on Halloween. Pray and seek the Lord on how you feel , he will give you the answers. God Bless.