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What Does the Bible Say About … ANIMALS/PETS IN HEAVEN? A Powerful Illustration…


WOW!! God is awesome!!! I cannot stop crying now. I read the story of China the Parakeet. I have such an awesome story like hers!! My sweet 10 year old Sun Conure Flash passed on Monday 3-14-11 at 9:40 A.M. Thank the Good Lord I was able to be with him in his last moments. I still am crying for him.

He had a stroke at the tender birdie age of 3,and had been walking on one foot only, the other stuck up behind his tail from being paralyzed. This sweet Sun Conure, he was SO strong, endured SO much, and yet protected me by flying at people he did not like getting too close to me. He slept on a knit hat on my head for over 8 years, and I placed him in the ground in a wooden box with that very hat.

He did the same as China, but he was so amazing what God let him to do. We woke up Monday morning, and this dear sweetheart could NOT even move his one leg he had left!! He gave me such a heartbreaking expression as if to say, “Help Mama, I can’t move my body.”

I just started crying and I said, “Please God, you are so merciful, please don’t make this poor baby go on with no legs, he doesn’t deserve to live that way.”

I wrapped him in my jacket and went to sit down and rock him in my arms in the recliner. I put on Sesame Street so he could hear something cheery and all of a sudden, he sprang up in my arms, craned his neck up, up, up, and suddenly flew up, came back down in my lap, and that was it, he was limp, mouth half open like his sweet spirit went out to the Lord through his beak, and his eyes were half opened, as if he seen the Lord!!

After reading China’s story, it really touched me, because now I know that both Flash and China have been blessed and went right into the Lord’s arms. I love the Lord so much, Flash was the best Sun Conure he had in Heaven, and he let me share my life with him on earth for 10 years and 3 months. I cannot wait for Heaven, to see all my family and Flash too.

Deana Codrey