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What Does the Bible Say About … BABY ANGELS?

Baby angels will soon be placed all over the racks in the stores. Are there baby angels? What does the Bible really say?

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There are those who believe that when a person dies that they become an angel, however, the Bible teaches us that angels are spiritual beings created by God; each angel was individually created by God. Angels, unlike mankind, do not procreate (have babies), therefore, there are no baby angels.

Jim Futral (Answers to questions from a Biblical perspective)


In Matthew 22:30 God says, “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven.”

Since angels neither marry nor are given in marriage, it makes sense that there are no baby angels, although many artists will draw cute cherubs looking like baby angels. Also, the Bible never mentions the existence of any childlike angels. Although such “artistic” cherubs are cute, the reality is that such angels only exist in the artist’s imagination.



Are there baby angels, the answer is No!

Angels are a higher form of life to us, We are made a little lower than the angels Psalm 8:5

They surround the Throne of God. Revelation 5:11

We all have a guardian angel Matthew 18:10

They cannot procreate. Matthew 22:30

If they cannot procreate then there are no baby angels.

Logically how can a baby write down the record of our deeds or guide us through trouble. They are dependant themselves.

We need a higher intelligence than our own to guide us through life.

God bless