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If someone would come up to you and claim to be the president of the United States, would you believe him?  Wouldn’t it depend if he really were the president?  Does he resemble the pictures you saw of him?  Is his voice sounding like the one you heard on the radio?  When he talks does he talk like the ruler of one of the biggest countries of the world?  Is his entourage fitting to a president?  The list could go on and on.  But one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is why would the president even search you out?

My children went into a phase where anything connected to The Lord of the Rings trilogy was of utmost importance to them.  They had bookmarks with their favourite characters. They requested its music CDs and piano sheet music for their Christmas. They both had plastic characters of the movie and watched the released DVDs over and over. They even had a ring like the one that Frodo had a burden to carry (without the temptations though I hope). 

One of their favourite pastimes was to pretend to be their favourite character of the book.

“I am Legolas”, would my youngest say and off he went running as fast as an elf, pretending to shoot arrows to invincible foes.
For my birthday my oldest one gave me a book, dedicated it with the following words: “Happy Birthday!  I love you! Donovan or Gandalf the white.”

My wife was addressed to as Arwen and myself I was referred to as Aragorn, maybe because I was the head of our family.
Would anyone believe that we were really those characters? Hardly at all!  We didn’t fit their descriptions.  We didn’t have their character traits and least of all we didn’t have their abilities, although my wife is prettier than Arwen (I am her fan club by the way!). 
When someone pretends to be someone renown, we tend to analyze if that person is really the one he/she says to be and rightly so.  I doubt anyone would have any difficulty to discover if the claims to celebrity are really true or not, unless you were dealing with a really good con artist, and these do sadly exist.

One person we hardly take the time to analyze if his claims were true revolutionized our history.  Our time frame is even based on his existence: B.C. (before Christ) A.D. (Anno Domini which means year of the Lord) Were his claims true?  Was he really who he said he was?  Is their any way to verify who he truly was?  Who do you think Jesus really was?  Was he a liar (pretending to be someone that he truly was not)?  Was he a lunatic (truly believing he was someone that he was not and deserving to be locked up in an institute)? Or was he the one he proclaimed to be?

Question: Who do you think Jesus was?

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