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Did I give you a testimony that my husband has been out of job for close to two years.

At the end of last year, we were thrown out of the house we were staying, we were not paying any rent. The reason for this was because I am married to a rival tribe to my tribe. Rob I know this is a God given husband and he is very loving and I cannot separate for the reason of his tribe.

I waited upon the Lord for close to five years (5) seeking the Lord for a God fearing husband. This time we were praying with Winnie as prayer partners and the Lord revealed to me that this was the man. I decided to obey the Lord rather than what the tribe required. My mother loves my husband very much, he is a honest man, God fearing man and he loves his family. My tribe and his tribe do not go down well with each other When we were thrown out of my uncles’ home, we went looking for a house and God give us a house that we trusted God to be able to pay rent with only my income.

Our two children have been in private school and we did not know how to pay for their school fees. That was in January 2009, we were given a notice on 31st December at 11.55 pm just before we jumped the new year. What a way to begin a new year. We declared that the year 2009 will be a year of breakthrough in he eyes of the enemy for whatever the devil had for us for evil we declared the word of the Lord that it shall work for our good.

We serve a faithful God who sees ahead of everything. At the mid of Feb my husband was called by a company he had applied for about 2 years ago and asked to go immediately for an interview. After a week he had started working and now we are able to pay our rent, pay for children school fees, and we are now clearing our debts.

This is the Lord we are serving here in Kenya, now we are trusting God to purchase our own home, if possible in the next three years, please pray with us.

We have seen God in the valleys and mountains as a family, we have gone through issues that have strength my family we no longer trust human beings for anything but the vessels the Lord has prepared in His kingdom. I do not regret for the things we have gone throw. It was worth going through.

P. S. And this in the midst of a worldwide economical crisis!

Lucy Waicigo Kenya, May 11, 2009.

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