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WHEN SUFFERING BECOMES UNBEARABLE… Part 12: Raising Billy From the Dead…

Does God still raise people from the dead today? Yes, He Does. Satan has worked his way into the hearts of people today so that even most of the people who attend church do not believe that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:18). This Word of God was written in the first century after the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, it was speaking about before the time it was written, and the day it was written, and now we are living in the “forever” part of that verse.

Some will say, “we knew this man was crazy!” With that risk I still tell you that God does still work the miracle of raising the dead to life today. You with doubt will have all kinds of justification. However, it was not your son who was dead. It was not you who saw The Power of God Reach down and touch him and bring life back into him as he lay on a carnival lot.

One weekend, when my son Billy, (Billy was then 4 years old) we were driving down I44. At Lebanon we saw the Ferris wheel of a carnival that was set up and Billy asked me if we could go to the carnival. I wanted to do something special for him so I said, “sure.” When we got there I bought tickets and he started riding the kiddie rides. He rode the kiddie cars, the airplanes, and even the live pony. Then he saw the motorcycles. They were full size, but ran around on a circle platform that had arms attached to each one moving it around in a circle. They did not move very fast. A safe ride, if only the safety pin had been installed that held the cycle to the arm. Why did Billy pick the only one that did not have a safety pin? To our God Be All The Glory.

As I stood and watched this ride come apart, I saw the motorcycle do a complete flip and land with the handlebars on Billy’s face. I jumped over the ropes and, not being a strong person, I somehow lifted this motorcycle and threw it aside. Billy lay there not moving or breathing. I picked him up in my arms and with blood gushing all over my clothes I carried him I knew not where through the carnival crowds. Finally, a policeman made me lay him down and I knew Billy was dead. I, being led of The Holy Spirit, fell upon his dead body, covered him and prayed, “Father, I give unto You this child. If it is Your Will to take him home now, he is Yours. O Lord, if it is Your Will for him to live then I ask that You breathe in him The Spirit of Life. O Lord, Your Will be done.” As if lifted my body off him, Billy opened his eyes and said, “Dad, tell me this did not happen.”

This is the child who the hospital insisted on keeping all night because the x-rays showed he had been hurt very badly but the doctors could not find anything really wrong with him. Much blood had been lost, his nose was broken, one eye was crossed, his skull was cracked, his teeth were all out of place, but all his actions, and senses were normal. He did spend the night in the hospital and he did come and see me the next day. His eye was swollen shut but he was alive and active. God had risen him from the dead and he lives today and to God Be All The Glory! You can believe what you want but I know what God did in this child’s life. (Billy is now 26 years old in 2009)

Bill Dorman (Received on Sunday April 23, 2000)