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What Does the Bible Say About … IF YOU HAVE FALLEN AWAY, WILL YOU BE RESTORED? Part 2

In Hebrews the Bible says that if you fall away, you can’t be restored. What does this mean?

The verse in Hebrews you are referring to is as follows:

Heb 6:4: “For it is impossible to keep on restoring to repentance time and again people who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have become partners with the Holy Spirit,”

The writer of Hebrews here is saying that once people who are saved lose their salvation it will be difficult if not impossible to bring them back to salvation because they would have been deceived for a long until they are completely dead spiritually.

A Christian can backslide when they go back into fulltime sinning without feeling any remorse. As Christians we sin sometimes but when we do the Holy Spirit convicts us towards repentance. A backslidden Christian will have no conviction whatsoever.

Robert Mugayi
Associate Director Bible Study,Answers2Prayer.