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God Provided

It was a rough last quarter in 2022, but God came through. Here is Fahrid’s testimony:

Fine by the grace of God, I believe, and hope, that the storm that I have been through is over for now. As you know, I am a merchant, and oh Lord, November and December from 2022 were the most hard months yet that I have  experienced, in terms of work, it was a lot more than I could handle by my own. Unfortunately, I could not enjoy the past holidays because I was so tired, stressed and busy all those days, My wife got sad but thank God she understood my situation, she was a great support for me because despite how busy I was she help me a lot and started to work with me.

For me, what it was a happy and joyful month (December is my favorite month because of Christmas and family time) it got really sad and dark, I am trying to do my best in order to be a better man, husband, worker and served of God, but I feel like drowning.

I started to pray again, asking for forgiveness because i am feeling that I am rusty, besides being ” young ” I really felt like rusty inside, A few weeks ago past Christmas, I was hearing someone blaming the economy of the country that I live, he was talking a lot of negative things and blaming all kind of stuffs because his business went bankrupt. I remember that day, because I went out to the pharmacy to buy a medicine for one of my workers because he was sick, and when I returned to my shop, It was full, there was a line of customers waiting to enter, there was no room for anyone else inside because the shop was complete full and all the salesmen were busy with others costumers, And I understood At that moment, that my shop in fact, it wasn’t mine, it’s from God, and what is him, shall always be, and that his hand was with me all the time

I prayed that night for help, I started to make numbers and speaking with my co-workers, we decided to expand and hire new people. I really don´t like changes, but I understood that it is for the best of all.

Now we are more people working and there are new ones that are really capable people, I am very excited and Happy.

Looking forward to this year to experience all the fruits from the Holy Spirit, that is my new goal, because I understand that I am an empty vessel without the Holy Spirit, I feel rusty, but with Him, I am the best version of myself and son of God.

Fahrid Abularach

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