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Were They Angels? (Out of gas and Lost in a storm)

Out of gas and Lost in a storm

Answered Prayer | Miracle testimony

“God is my refuge and salvation. To Whom shall I turn to but to Him?” (Psalms 27:1 ESV)

The weather was beginning to get treacherous. My husband, who was hospitalized for a triple bypass said, “Honey, you had better leave because a storm is coming.” Reluctantly, I hugged him and said goodbye.

I could barely see where I was going with the raining pouring down my windshield, so I made an immediate right turn to go home. As I drove I noticed the road was barren. Not a light nor building in sight. Where was I? I then looked at my gasoline gauge and it was on empty. “Someone” inside said, “Turn back.!””

As I approached the very start of the road on which I had begun, a brightly lit filling station appeared. I drove in, parked my car walking in asked the attendant if he knew how I could get to Rancho Cordova. He was looking at a map, but said, “No.” As I was about to walk out to get gas, a slender woman with long, auburn hair asked: “Are you lost?”

“Yes,” I said.

She answered, “See that green packard parked against the fence (away from the gas pumps) to the right?”

“Yes,” I said.

She then said, “After you’re finished getting gas, follow me on the freeway. When I’m nearing Rancho Cordova, I will put on my blinker for you to exit. It will take you there.” She then left.

I walked out and tried getting the gasoline pump to work, but I didn’t know how. A very small, short midget-like man wearing a grey hat appeared. He mumbled as he appeared mute, but pointed with his hands and showed me what to do. As I turned to thank him, he vanished!

I paid the attendant, and got into my car. The lady in the green packard then waved, signaling me to follow her. I followed her instructions and after she signaled me, I found my way home.

I traditionally baked cakes every Christmas for friends and family beginning in October, filling my extra freezer up. So when Bob, my husband recovered, I told him about the nice people. I asked him to take me to the filling station to take cakes and ask about the small man and lady with auburn hair to share cakes as a token of my gratitude. But there was no filling station on the lot! Nothing but barren ground! We traced back to the hospital and took the same route, but the filling station had disappeared! My husband knew the area perfectly well.

Only a merciful Father could’ve been looking out for me knowing that I needed divine intervention to survive that night, knowing that I needed angels to bring me home.