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Witnessing in Kenya


AUGUST 12TH – 19.TH 2023


Friday, September 1, 2023.

Sincere Christian greetings and love in the name of the most High of our Father God in Heaven. We concluded a gospel week of the campaign which we officially opened the evening of 12th August 2023 and proceeded for seven days consecutively. The attendance was excellent. Both young, middle aged and old people came in large numbers for the meeting. The campaigns were beginning at 8:00am  and went on up to 5:30pm with and one hour for lunch  and announcements.

We encountered many attacks in different form though they were not very serious. The attacks included sicknesses, problems of the voice etc. God was with us all through. One great miracle that happened is that God gave us rain after our prayers, praise the Lord. It is true for sure that the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and His ears are open unto their cry. To God be the glory great things He has done.

Every day before sermon, we always had a great session of prayers and all the present people, we were asking them to submit their prayer requests and come forward for prayers. Hundreds of people thronged to the prayer box with their prayers written on pieces of paper. Half of the members in attendance were coming with prayers requests meaning that people really need prayers.

Hundreds responded positively to the gospel which we were preaching. The number of people attending the campaign kept increasing day by day. The public address system which was in use was very powerful. Our voices were heard from far places and that made people to hear and come to the campaign.

During the campaign we learned that people really needed prayers. People queuing taking their prayer requests pieces of papers to the prayer box were in great number. By Thursday evening the prayer box was full of prayer requests. Special prayers for all prayer requests were held on Friday evening. After the prayers the box was set on fire in the evening, all the papers inside the box were burnt to ashes.

The baptism of the 60 people who surrendered to Jesus and accepted him as their Lord and Savior was conducted on Saturday. Yes, joy filled the hearts of all those who were baptized.

From the research conducted based on the signs of the times and what we all see and hear happening caused spiritual thirsty and hunger. The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. The word of God tells us that: Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

During the campaign, we had an incredible move of God. With our human words or language it is hard for me to adequately describe all that took place in the campaign. Generally the work was done successfully.

The Holy Ghost did great work people felt touched and were not ashamed of the gospel just as Paul puts in Romans 1:16.  In as much as we conducted one week campaign, I realized that there is need to conduct a one week or two or three week’s campaign. Our praying and planning matters a lot, we look forward for greater things which the Lord has for us as co-workers with Him. We pray that the Lord makes it possible through the prayers which you and all of us pray.

(I will go) is what is always ringing in my mind. As Co-workers with God, I believe we can do more as the Spirit leads. Since Jesus Christ is our role model, as He was leading, we were follow his footsteps. I thank God because of the equipment’s the   (Public Address) System made our voices to be heard in many homes and villages. Those who heard us in their homes and in the villages came to the campaign in large numbers.

There are many pictures and videos which I took as the campaign was going on for the interested viewers and any other persons who would like to see to see. May God help us to press ahead to reap the ready harvest, In Jesus name victory is with us.

Two are better than one, and together we will go far. The Lord will do more through the continued prayers.

Yours in the gospel,



AUGUST 20TH – 26TH 2023


Thursday, August 31, 2023

To God be all the glory through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I am humbled and grateful to our Father God our maker and our King and through Him great things are happening as far as preaching the gospel which is the power of God unto Salvation.

This time round we felt the presence of God in our 2nd campaign meeting which was well conducted and well attended by hundreds of hungry and thirsty people for the word of God. The spirit of God was moving in a very powerful way, we also felt his presence. We needed more of the prayers for the fulfillment of advancing the Kingdom of God.

The one week of the campaign in a densely populated City to be Town of Eldoret taught me that we need to work in the vineyard tirelessly for Him who sent us. People never wanted to go to their homes at the end hours of the lessons in the evening. That was a clear indication that people really needed the word of God very much. We got very much encouraged the way people were conducting and reacting on the message they were getting, all in all they were embracing the message and that gave us courage to press on and allow questions where we were not understood very well. My way of passing the message to people is by preaching and teaching the word with simplicity and clarity.

We had a prayer box for people’s needs, challenges and for what they needed from God. On daily basis people continued putting into the box their needs, challenges and what they needed God to do for them through the burden bearer Jesus Christ.

Special prayers were conducted on daily basis for those who had put into the prayer box their papers containing their needs, challenges and what they needed God to do for them. We thank God for his faithfulness for answering the prayers of those who needed Gods response. Special prayers were also conducted for all those who attended the camping though they did not submit their prayer requests.

I remember Lyn  you conveyed your greetings to the congregation which I passed straight away to all of them who had attended to campaign, Greetings were well received with uncountable Amen. Several persons showed interest of sending their prayer requests to Answers2Prayer. I believe that they will do so.

The 24 people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior made a bold decision based on the word of God which was preached to them. The Holy Ghost touched people’s hearts and they accepted to go all the way with Jesus to baptism. There is need for more people to be reached with the gospel message by all ways and means at this time which shows that the end of all things is at hand.

We were using a very powerful Public Address System with Horn Speakers pushing the sound to more than two Kilometers from where we were. Though those that heard from far may not have attended our campaign but they got the message.

The daily attendance was indeed impressive. During the weekend the number of people increased tremendously to 850 because people on the weekend, school going students, pupils, teachers and government officials and all those who do not work on the weekend they all came to the campaign in large numbers leaving us wondering but joyful to God for the great catch on the weekend.

I took hundreds of pictures and few videos until my phone ran out of space for more pictures and videos making the phone run slow, God have mercy!!

The work was well done with the help of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

We thank God in all that took place. As Co – workers with God, God made the campaign successful as I term it. We need God even more because there is more that needs to be done to enhance the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

With Gratitude,