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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Trapped Bird

My beautiful six year old daughter came running into the house - yelling and carrying on about something she had seen outside. Her father and I followed her outside at her insistence and found what was upsetting her so much. There was a tiny baby bird trapped in our...


"David brought Moltar home in 1998. He was very sick and loaded with fleas. The first thing I did was give him a bath in the kitchen sink. The water was red with flea dirt! The next day he went to the vet. The vet told us he was anemic, (the fleas were so bad they had...

Little Hamster

Sunday night we heard a wonderful sermon about resting in Jesus and just exactly what this means. One statement that stood out particularly in my mind was something the speaker quoted from a well known evangelist who was heard to say he never prays for himself because...

In a Quandary About the Loss of Mickey and What to Do?

I have a sister Judy who is single with no children of her own.Well, not Human children! My sister had a dog that was her life. He was everything to her. He was a white small poodle named Mickey. Judy would shudder thinking of the time when Mickey's life would come to...

Belle, the Tonkinese Cat

I asked all of you to pray for my little Tonkinese cat, "Belle". I have had her 16 years and she is so very special to me.One night she couldn't breathe and my husband and I took her to the emergency pet hospital in Dayton, Ohio. She had an enlarged heart, fluid on...