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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Answered Prayers: Death

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A Dead Man Joined the Church

This past Sunday, a dead man joined the church.About two months ago, Brent B., the 18-year-old son of a single mother (who had only recently become a Christian), OD'ed on drugs in VA. His mother, Teresa S., was called to the hospital in VA, "to make some difficult...

Dying in a Service

From Calvary United Pent. Church Mt. Vernon, Illinois Pastor: Steve Edwards Sunday A.M. service, December 2, 2001You will not believe what happened in service this morning: an elderly lady died right there in service (Mary A. Williams). There was a big commotion...

Life Support

You ain't gonna believe this. God has stepped in and after a terrible night of planning when to disconnect Nyle from life support, and planning a funeral, I call up at the hospital this morning, they say no change. So I pack a bag, for a long day of sitting in the...

Raising Billy From the Dead

Does God still raise people from the dead today? Yes, He Does. Satan has worked his way into the hearts of people today so that even most of the people who attend church do not believe that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:18). This Word of...