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Answered Prayers: Heart Problems

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Occlusion of the Descending Aorta

To family & friends September 14 2001Hi to all, Sorry to be sending this to everyone at one time, but I will try to get back to all who have written , sent prayers, and wishes to us later, and give you all the whole story. For now I want to give you all an update...

Heart Failure

Although I am downtrodden, I am not defeated and I desire to testify. I know that God is still and always has been in control and has not changed. I know the healing power that Jesus showed in the Bible has not lessened. He is the same. He is the same as he was in the...

Heart Blockage

Thanks to all who had prayed for my co-leader, Laura, with whom I worked in an outreach fellowship group here in Adelaide, Australia. Some weeks ago you may remember praying for her as she was rushed to the hospital with a heart blockage. Medication caused massive...


Many thanks for your emails and prayers with regards to miracle healing for my uncle. It was really a miracle. To start off with his doctors here in Trinidad had given him 2 to 3 days to live. He had an aneurysm which was swollen up like a large grapefruit which could...

A Heart Problem

Dear prayer warriors greetings in our Savior's name. when I read the request from pastor Paul Jesudoss with their daughter who had to be operated on because of her heart problem , I felt I had to share my miraculous healing with them. at the beginning of this year I...