For those who:
- Needs encouragement
- Have prayer requests
- Desire to get closer to God.
- Desire for prayer association for your ministry

lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
Marie-Hélène and Dominic Bradshaw - Bio (Retired)

Title: Prayer Warriors

Favorite Bible Verse: “And you shall serve the Lord your God and he shall bless your bread and your water and take sickness far away from you.” (Exodus 23:25)

Biography: We are so honoured to become part of the team of prayer warriors because we adore Jesus and we live to do God’s will and make Him happy. Whatever we do to another person, we do to Jesus. Praying and answering the prayer requests is helping people in distress.

We were both brought up as Christians but we were lukewarm and about 3 years ago my wife became Born Again and I became Born Again the following year. That experience increased our adoration for Jesus, and we repented of our sins and we never wanted to hurt Jesus ever again. We realised that being a Christian you have to be fully committed to Jesus, and put Him in first place in our lives.

Beforehand we used to put each other before Jesus, but we realised that we had to put Jesus in first place before each other; otherwise it was making idols of each other. Once we made the choice to put Jesus first, our love for each other strengthened so much that our marriage became even stronger.

Jesus taught us how to put each other before ourselves and to do everything as teamwork. My wife isn’t inferior to me, and on the contrary we complement each other, and we are one together the way Jesus said to be one. Jesus is at the centre of our marriage and we pray together and live a life of love, harmony and peace. God wants couples to be happy. Jesus uses us both for His ministry with our gifts and talents.

You can’t have one foot in the world and one foot with Christ, and you can’t follow Jesus when it suits you, and close your eyes to things around you. What Jesus wants is for us to give Him our hearts, our lives as a living sacrifice in complete devotion and obedience to Him. If we give our lives to Christ, our lives no longer belong to us to do as we please.

Instead we have to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and act as brides of Christ. It is no longer us who live but Jesus who lives in us, see the following Bible passage.

Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Nothing makes us happier than wanting to do God’s Will because we adore Jesus so much. Even though the gate is getting narrower and narrower in giving up our lives, it is compensated by the love we have for Jesus getting greater and greater, until nothing seems as important as Jesus.

We came to live abroad because my wife felt that God wanted us to come to leave England as she felt a calling from God to do so. At first I wasn’t too keen, but I trusted my wife’s spirituality and I felt that we should go abroad.

She was right because all the doors opened for us. We were looking for a property to buy in our town of and we wanted to extend our stay till the Friday, as we had more properties to view.

We were informed by the hotel manager that he didn’t have any room for that Friday because 500 nurses were coming to take an Exam and that there was only 150 hotel rooms in the whole town. We tried another hotel without success. We then prayed and said to Jesus that if it was His will for us to buy a property in that town to do a miracle for us to stay the night in a hotel, if not we would have to go somewhere else. We arrived in another hotel and my wife told the manageress that we loved this town and felt it was a little paradise, and that we didn’t want to go to elsewhere, but if there were no rooms we would have to go there.

She told us to sit down and she would see what she could do for us. She rubbed out a name with her rubber and then told us that there was a free room available, and it was a bit bigger and would we take it? We were delighted and we took it, and the very next day we found our tiny house.

When we came on holiday we made many friends, and most of them were from the church. We therefore felt that we had a spiritual family behind us. We couldn’t adapt to life in England anymore, so we put our flat on the market for a permanent move to abroad.

We lived upstairs and didn’t have a garden but the neighbours downstairs had an overgrown garden. The two people who visited it commented on the garden and we explained it wasn’t ours. Afterwards we prayed and said to Jesus to please let the next couple buy the flat and say nothing of the garden.

They came along straight after our prayer, and they stood facing the window looking out over the garden, and said nothing about it, but asked simply who lived downstairs and we told them that they were tenants. They replied that was what they wanted to know because they would buy our flat to rent out. It was therefore sold within 5 days and 3 months later after the final papers were signed we went to live abroad.

It proves that if you have faith anything is possible. We simply have to really trust God when we pray, and believe that He will grant us whatever is according to His Will. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made in our lives because we are so happy here and we are now doing God’s work.

We love mostly evangelizing, visiting the sick and helping those in need. We evangelize, and spread Jesus’ love in the world because when He returns, He isn’t looking for people who claim to be Christians, but who prove by their actions that they are Christians by the love they give others.

We believe that all of us Christians should prepare the way for the Lord’s return by striving for Christian Unity with love, rather than judgement, and being lights in the world. Alone we can’t do anything, but if we depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us, then miracles can happen and mass conversion can take place. Then everyone will become converted because Jesus will reign in our hearts, for Jesus said “love one another as I have loved you”.

Home Base: France

Career: I love helping people who want to make the world a better place. I love seeing people smile, it really touches my heart. I studied computer science and I can call my self a computer technician. I work in a stationary currently.

Hobbies: Listening to Christian music, country line dancing, reading, and gardening and socializing.

Christian Since: I have been a christian since childhood, but accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour in May 2011.

Why I love the Lord: I love the Lord with all my heart because he has been good to me since childhood. I’ve watched as God worked in my life. He changed me from the worst person I was to the new me. Because of the prayers of my mother God changed me. I love him so much I cannot explain the love. His grace, forgiveness, mercy, love . . . it’s too much. So I love to serve him because I know the secret in service to the Lord. The Joy.