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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
privacy Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

It is the policy of Answers2Prayer (A2P) to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all online network activities by A2P staff and subscribers.

It is our purpose to promote the power of prayer and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, while providing caring fellowship and support for one another.  As such, our goal is to create and foster an online community of believers whose purpose is to provide intercession before our Lord on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are in need.

We recognize the trust one places in A2P when sharing deeply personal problems and concerns; we hold this trust in very high regard. Accordingly, the privacy of our subscribers shall be maintained at all times.

User Rights

A2P participants have the right to submit any honest need in the form of a prayer request, and to expect to receive intercessory prayer on their behalf.

Users have the right to have their privacy maintained. No prayer request will ever be posted without user consent.  Any details shared with staff members that are intended to remain private shall remain private.

Users should not be subjected to unwanted correspondence.

Users e-mail addresses shall never, under any circumstances, be sold, “mined” or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes.

A2P will never subject users to unwanted mailings or commercial advertising of any sort.

User Responsibilities

Users shall be active participants in protecting the privacy of other users.
All prayer requests shall be sent to A2P for distribution and shall not be distributed directly to other users.

Non-Acceptable Use

The following will not be tolerated:

  1. E-mail address “mining” for any purpose, including submission to other newsletters, distribution of prayer requests to users directly;
  2. “Spamming.”  This is the practice of sending unwanted, unsolicited messages to A2P users for the purpose of commercial gain;


To help people across the world, especially those who have no or limited contact with other Christians, to find fellowship and discipleship, and to grow in their faith and their relationship with the Lord.


Answers2Prayer has a worldwide audience, and is particularly designed for those who have little or no contact with Christians.


For any questions regarding the Acceptable Use for Answers2prayer Ministries, please contact us here at