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Boiling Water Burns

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Let me share a miracle with you! Yesterday I called my husband asked if he could put dinner on the stove, as I was going to be a little late getting home from work. I told him how to go about getting dinner started (he’s not a cook- haha) and he said “Sure – be careful on your way home and watch that traffic!”

When I walked in to the kitchen (arms loaded with groceries) I noticed that the very large pot on top on the stove was boiling at a level that was way to high (I guess I forgot to say simmer – not rolling boil – haha). I walked over to the stove and turned down the heat and picked the pot up with two pot holders. I turned to take the boiling pot to the sink to let it cool, as it was way to hot! As I turned, I caught a glimpse of my six year old daughter, she was right underneath my feet, anxiously awaiting her “hug and kiss and love” which is what we call our greeting to one another after a long day apart.

In a split second, my heart jumped and I stopped myself short, when I did this, the hot boiling liquid splashed over the top of the large pot and spilled down the front of her shirt. She started screaming and wailing in a way I have never heart! I dropped the pot in the sink and ran to her, yanked her shirt off and almost died! There were large blisters already forming and she had been burned all down her right side! I laid her on the couch, got a wet cloth – applied it to the burns and started to pray, on my knees – right out loud with every ounce of faith I had!

“Lord, if you don’t intervene, I’m going to have to take her to the hospital and Lord, it’s not easy what burn patients have to go through, please intervene! I said to her, “Baby, pray with me!” She began to pray and as we prayed, I saw her face relax and the redness from screaming starting to disappear. She stopped shaking and started to breath normally. I knew the Lord was working, but I didn’t yet know to what extend! I lifted the cloth and right before my eyes, I saw blisters disappear and saw white skin literally over- lapping and covering the very red burned areas. It was healing before my eyes!

I started praising the Lord! I sang and I praised him and the more I did, the more the redness just disappeared! After about what must have been an hour, my daughter said, “I’m ok now, it doesn’t even hurt – now what’s for dinner, I’m hungry!” PRAISE THE LORD! I’m telling you that was boiling hot water that made a direct hit right down the front of her body! There are some red marks there this morning, but she is not sore and she is at home with Daddy, pestering with all she’s got!!!! (LOL)

I cried and praised God all the way to work this morning!!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL FATHER WE HAVE!

Penny (Received on Friday March 2, 2001)