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Little Hamster

Sunday night we heard a wonderful sermon about resting in Jesus and just exactly what this means. One statement that stood out particularly in my mind was something the speaker quoted from a well known evangelist who was heard to say he never prays for himself because he simply trusts God to know and care for his needs. This gives him a lot more time to intercede for others.

This was still fresh in my mind and I was kind of looking for ways to try it, when I got home from work to learn that the neighbor’s hamster, who we had been caring for while they were away on vacation, had escaped. Rob and the boys had already spent an hour and a half looking for the little thing, with no success. Wow. Here was my opportunity! So I gave it to God. Then, of course, because I am still me, I took it back and gave it to God all over again. This happened — well let’s say, about a zillion times? And of course, in between were several frantic searches of the neighbor’s house.

But this morning I just decided to stand on God’s promises. I praised God that the hamster would be found–today! The devil kept trying to place doubt in my mind (You know, like, “maybe you could just buy them another one!” Or “What on EARTH are you going to tell those little girls???”), but I just kept coming back with the truth of God’s word — that He looks after all of His creatures, that he hears and answers ALL our prayers if we only believe, and if I only had faith the size of a mustard seed, I could move a mountain — something far bigger than that little hamster!

Anyway, about 10:00 this morning, God told me to go over to the neighbor’s house and I would find the hamster. So I went. But he wasn’t there. So I cried out to God, “I thought you told me he’d be here! Am I just imagining that I am hearing your voice?”

Then I quieted down for a moment to listen for God’s answer. But I didn’t hear God’s voice. Instead I heard the scratching of little hamster feet, coming from the inside back of the neighbor’s hide-a-bed couch! Well, I won’t go into the details of what I had to go through to get him OUT of the couch, except to say that prayer played a big part of that too . . . But praise the Lord! The hamster has been found, and the couch is still in one piece! My friends, if we choose to stand firm on the Word of God, taking EVERY thought captive in obedience to Jesus by striking out all doubt as it enters our mind, using the Sword of the Spirit by claiming the promises of God’s word, not only can we move mountains, but we can find hamsters!

Lyn Chaffart (Received on Tuesday July 09, 2002)