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On My Back

Hi there

The reason why you haven’t heart from me in such a long time is that I was in a severe car accident on the 17/12/2001. I was on my way to work when the bakkie just started swaying. There was a car coming from the front and I turned the bakkie to the left to avoid a head on collision. I went down in a ditch. I missed a small bridge, but took out a tree and hit a cement pole and I turned the bakkie around in the air and rolled and I was thrown out at some stage.

There was people immediately and they all asked me the same question. Who moved me to lay down as I was asleep? They found me laying on my back like one who is sleeping and they all said that was impossible. That could only be God’s works.

My right ear was hanging on a small piece of skin, I had 5 broken ribs on the left and my left arm was broken 3 places and the pipes were sticking out. In the ambulance on my way to hospital I’ve heard God’s voice very clearly. He told me to read Psalm 111 the first chance I find. Please read it. I have recovered very well. I haven’t had all the pain that I should with my arm and ribs. In a weeks time I could sing loud and whistle, but I could not cough.

I give God all the praise and honor and Glory. I have found out the place where I’ve had the accident is the place where the Satanists are offering and praying. Before the accident I was in big warfare with Satan. He thought if he kills me he is free from me, but he is only a loser. My mouth is bigger than ever. He cannot kill God’s children. He has no power over us because God’s blood protects us.

Thanks for your prayers. If you feel like writing to me I will appreciate it. I cannot reply back because I only have permission to send prayer requests but no other private e-mail. Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you.

Sannie (Received onWednesday March 6, 2002)