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Tragic Auto Accident

In March of 1996 at age 76, My beloved Mother was the victim of a tragic auto accident in the state of Illinois. She was thrown through the rear window and flew several hundreds of yards. She suffered multiple internal injuries including but not limited to: a lacerated liver (total liver failure), severe kidney damage (total kidney failure), punctured lung, crushed pelvis, major concussion, and total body ademia. She was haemorrhaging so much the night of the accident that the surgeon could not complete the surgery. He had to put a tent over her open and exposed internal organs tell the next morning and then again proceeded with surgery.

I arrived Only, hours later and remain at her bed side for the next 1 year and 8 months and prayed day in day out, night after night, week after week and month after month. When I arrived in Illinois from Denver, only a few hours after her accident in Illinois from Denver, her body weight from fluids and ademia had escalated form 117 lbs. To 208 lbs. She was paralyzed from the neck down, in a coma and on total life support for 10 months. While in the coma and during the first 10 months she suffered 2 heart attacks, a major stroke, her lungs had crystallized on the vent, she was on tub feedings, staff infection ran ramped throughout her body for months, and she developed Stress Ulcers and had 5 major GI Bleeds, she haemorrhaged and received 108 units of blood and in the hospital for 1 year and 8 months.

Each time she haemorrhaged, I was at bed side praying as I watched huge quantities, ! Masses and globs of blood pour out of her mouth, nose and rectum. And, I kept my vigil, many times I was up for over 24 hours, many nights I slept in a chair at her bed side or in a chase lounge chair in the intensive care waiting room or walked the dark streets from my motel room in the middle of the night to check on her and pray.

She was also diagnosed with hepatitis B and vancomicine resistant endococi. The doctors and nurses at the Illinois hospital wanted me and the family to remove her from life support. Telling me that she could not possibly live and if by 1 chance in millions she did live, she would be a vegetable, remain in a coma on tub feedings. I did not believe them. I told them, God will heal my mother and she will be whole and perfect — just as God created her. Each and every day/night-month after month over and over again — even though unconscious, I would tell her God is Healing You, You Will Be Well and Come Home Soon. The nurses thought I was very strange — to say the least.

Throughout the duration of her hospital stay, Each night, I would call my 2 favorite prayer lines and they would pray with me, having been raised Catholic, Each Night, I would light 3 candles and pray before them. Through out the days and nights, I would bless her with holy water, attach prayers, rosaries, scapulas to her hospital gown and pray. I prayed for the blood of Jesus to heal her, to almighty God, Mother Mary all the saints and angles in heaven. I call churches of every faith and prayed with people of every race. They comforted and prayed with me over and over again. (God is God, Prayer is Prayer, People are People.)

While she was still at the Illinois hospital, I went to a gas station, and the clerk could see I was crying. The clerk ask me what was wrong and I crying I told her about my mother. I was standing in line and suddenly out of no where I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around, and there stood the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. She smiled at me and spoke only these words, “I Want You To Know, Your Mother Will Live.” She then walked out the door, got in a brand new automobile and in the back seat of her car, waving to me and smiling at me from the rear window were 2 beautiful little black girls. Chills went through my body, I knew that she had been a messenger of the Lord.

On Easter Sunday, I called numerous churches from numerous different religious beliefs to pray for my mother to live. And, I ask one of the ministers from some church to please come and see my mother, lay hands on her and pray with me for her recovery and so that she might have Easter Service. After the minister left, I continued into the night to lay my hand on her motionless body and pray for healing and recovery. Again, the doctors, nurses and entire hospital staff though I had a screw loose. They made fun of me when I walked by the nurses station. Made no difference to me. I kept my faith and continued to pray.

One night I had a dream, and in the dream, I was running out of the Illinois hospital with my mother. Early next morning I called and started the arrangements to her transported by Intensive Care Jet Air Ambulance to Mayo’s St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. And, within hours, the Intensive Care Team Arrived, Mother still on total life support, heart monitors and kidney dialysis, and blood transfusions was in the Air Ambulance and I flew with her in it, holding her hand and prayed through the 700 mile flight to Mayo’s. At Mayo’s I continued my prays and vigil just as I had done at the Illinois hospital. Only at Mayo’s St. Marys the Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff did not make fun of me, instead the joined with me in prayer and in the fight for my Mother’s life.

With the tender loving care of the Mayo nurses and the guidance and expertise God Bestowed on the Mayo Physicians, my mother eventually came to conscious, began to breath on her own, was removed from life support and kidney dialysis, the feeding tubs were removed and she began to eat on her own. She was then moved to Mayo’s rehabilitation Unit and began physical therapy, she learned to walk again, to read and write again, and she began to talk. At the Illinois hospital the tube from the vent had grown into her vocal cords and at the Illinois Hospital they told me her vocal cords had been ruined.

All evidence of hepatitis B, vancomicine resistant endococi, crystallized lungs and stroke had disappeared. Mayo’s found no evidence of them. Mother just turned 82 February the 10 the. She is cognitively good (with the exception of a little short term memory loss) she walks with a walker, talks, laughs, prays — SHE LIVES!!! “MIGHTY PRAISES TO THE LORD” WITH THE BLESSINGS AND HELP OF THE LORD, I KEPT MY FAITH AND MOTHER DEFIED ALL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. AND MANY THANKS TO ALL THOSE WONDERFUL OF VARIOUS RELIGIONS AND PEOPLE OF MANY RACES THAT PRAYED WITH ME FOR MOTHER, PRAYED FOR, SUPPORTED AND BEFRIENDED ME!

Mother was released from the Hospital in November of 1997 and then I Flew her here to Denver and took care of her in my home for an extended period of time. And, I continued to devote my life to my mother and her business up until December 2000. While at Mayo’s I myself had several medical problems, and currently have medical problems (resulting from stress, worn down physical condition and poor nutrition). I have damaged my health, I am left without a job or medical insurance.

I fear for the loss of my home and car. I lost many friends, family and the man I loved along the way and I stand alone! I feel so alone. I gave up my licensed professional Counsellor Masters, my income and am in major debt. I have not money, cannot pay the utilities or my bills. My brother has taken control of my Mother, her property and money. And, the devil has taken control of him and my family. Now I need a miracle for me! I am tired and worn and I am depending on others to pray for ! Me now and keep the same faith for me that I did for my Mother. This is only a brief summary, there is much much much, much more. I experienced and seen many miracles over that year and nine months and the following years leading 2001.

God also performed another miracle by giving me the strength to live For 1 year and 8 months out of a suit cases and motels across from hospitals. I not only watched her but also took care of her business, via the phone, fax, U. S Mail and after she started to improve, I took short trips and attended to her business.

That is the story that leads to my current day situation and prayer request. God Bless All

Marie (Received on Friday February 16, 2001)