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Dying From Leukemia

Yahoo!! This is definitely a praise report! Remember Mary with leukemia?

The doctors had said she had a 2 % chance of survival, then they said there was no chance and that she was going to die. In fact, she had already died 3 times because her heart was so full of cancer that it just stopped and they had to revive her.

Then I put in a prayer request for her. Last week the doctors did a spinal tap on Mary and thought the results must be wrong so they did another one. Same results. Friday they phoned her, they can’t explain it and she has to go into the hospital tomorrow for more tests.

Mary’s leukemia has gone into remission and she now has a 90% chance of survival!!! Please pray that Mary’s tests all come back with more good news. Let’s pray in agreement that she beat the other 10%.

Yahoo!!! Three cheers for God and the power of prayer! Thank you all so much. I can’t express how much this means. Please continue to pray for Mary, she is only 17 and has been such a blessing to other kids with cancer. God Bless.

Tammy (Received on Monday August 7, 2000)