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If She Makes It

In 1993 I was pregnant with our daughter. My husband and I prayed for a child after his near fatal car accidents. Despite his infidelity and my wanting to leave I got pregnant. Five month into my pregnancy I had listened into a telephone conversation between my husband and one of his girlfriends telling him that she was also pregnant for him. I cried my eyes out and started spotting.and was taking to emergency room. T There they found out that I had uterine fibroid. I was refereed to a high risk OBGYN.

I was in and out of the hospital and was told that my baby will not make and if she does she will have a lot of medical problem. I prayed on a daily hourly basis that is how I found TBN. I was going through a lot of emotional stress. I had just lost my parents, was in not so good relationship, pregnant, lost my job, studying for my exams and now I was worrying about my unborn baby. But I gave everything over to God and he found me a family that were newly saved, friends of my husband as surrogate parents and family.

Our daughter came premature and I could hear the doctors trying to resuscitate Victoria. All I could do was to get hold of God. I had to completely I trust him and believe that he will heal my daughter. She had zero apgar at birth and 7 apgar at her five minute. We were told that she will remain in the hospital for at least 4 to 6 weeks and that she will have all kinds of medical, growth and physical problem in the future even if she makes it. I continued praying trusting in God after three days the hospital told us that they have never seen anything this, it has to be a MIRACLE. We were told that they had no reason to keep my daughter in intensive or neonatal. Her condition had completely turned around. She started eating well as a matter of fact she was doing better than the normal weight babies. So they discharged her to my husband and I stayed another week in the hospital getting well.

Victoria is 8 YEARS old now, extremely healthy very tall for age smart in school and living for God. She has no medical problem that God is not able to handle. She is doing very well in school and is extremely intelligent for age. I give all praises and glory to God. I believe that Victoria is a gift from God and that God will use her in a tremendous way because if it was not for his hands in her life she not be here today. Victoria prays to God for a brother or sister I know that God will fulfill that miracle also in his own way and in his own times. (Received on January 1, 2002)