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Lung Cancer

Bob Durden has a type of lung cancer which has only a 5% cure rate. Here is his progress report:

I want to share my good news with you. A CT scan last week (I got results Monday) shows that all of the secondary tumors have been eradicated! These included two 1-3 cm. Growths in the right lung and a third secondary tumor on the exterior surface of the right lung. I am cancer free (at least as can be detected) except for the primary tumor, also in the right lung. This tumor originally measured 7.5 cm x 5 cm. It has now been reduced to 4 x 4 cm. This represents a reduction of almost 60%!!!!!! God is working in a MIGHTY way. I am also convinced that the diet and supplements are contributing to these results. This cancer does tend to respond, at least initially, to chemo because it grows so fast. But these results are very impressive. This after only 2 treatments. With my cancer, though, crunch time comes in trying to get those last few cells killed off, as they tend to become resistant over time. I have just started my third chemo treatment (which spans three days, 1 day of IV followed by 2 successive days of capsules at home).

Bob (Received on Wednesday February 2, 2000)


Thank you again for your prayers!!! Bob Durden called last night and said that doctors can find NO SIGN OF CANCER! He had the small cell lung cancer that there is “no cure for.” He’s signed up to run the marathon in July!

As for E.W., we went to the doctor today for his Procrit shot for his blood, and when they tested him, they found that he is no longer anaemic and didn’t need it! He’s gaining weight and strength every day and hopes to have the resectioning of his colon in late July or early August. We are so very thankful!

I am doing some better with my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. I have begun to take malic acid and magnesium, and I believe it is helping. I have not missed a church service in a long time, nor a youth service, a Women’s Ministry meeting, or a Wednesday night family night. I just praise God for the strength He is giving me to carry on!

God bless you for your faithfulness to pray! We really appreciate it!

Anne Ingram (Received on Wednesday June 7, 2000)