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Miracle Baby

On this hot, humid day, in August, it became known that it was time for

our fourth daughter to be born. Although it was too, early two months to be exact- she weighed in at 3lbs. 2oz. She had lots of problems-from missing toes, to having been born with her intestines on the outside of her body, which malfunctioned! She also was language delayed, and

had to have three surgeries on the first day that she was born. So doctors put in a “g” tube for feedings/ a colostoma/ also they did extensive surgery on her intestines to take out the portions that did not work- because they were firm, and not hallow inside.

They had to piece them to other parts that were, good inside. This was a long, very slow process- as she could only have just enough food to barely keep her alive! She didn’t walk until, 18 months old, this was such a major accomplishment that the family made it a “special” holiday! She’s had to struggle for so many things that most people take for granted. But after thirteen surgeries, 21 years later, she’s still such a beautiful young lady!

We thank God for sparing her life, so many times she almost died. But

I kept on praying, fasting, asking others to pray for my “Miracle” Baby! She graduated from Special Education classes with a Certificate of Completion. However she just wants to be like her other four sisters and lead a “normal” life of going to college to become a Special Education Teacher! Well, she’s been told that she can’t do that because she lacks the skills to pass the TABE Test/ High School or GED Test, but she’s determined that she can do it!

She’s been turned down so many times, I’m asking for prayer for her that she can reach her worthwhile goals! She can write songs – has written and composed music, to many. She’s been a real “Prayer Warrior for so many others! She even won a scholarship to go to college, and competed with many, for this! In Special Ed, she maintained the Honour Roll with better than a “B” Average! Please pray for Lisa that God will fix things for her! She’s a real trooper and has done so much and overcome so many odds to do things that people said that she’d never do, but to God be the Glory!!!!!

Gloria (Received on Monday April 17,2000)