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Premature Baby

Here is the original prayer request: “Our baby came a little early and as a result her lung was immature and she is in NICU since she was born on the 13th. She wasn’t getting enough oxygen in her lung. She’s been breathing super fast. Please pray for her. She’s got a little worse this morning and the Doctor started different treatment and this evening when we visited she was better and stable. It was kind of sad for me to come home without her but I know that God is with her with His healing hands. Her name is Lisa Faith.”

Now the answer: “Thank you, Rob and the church and also people who are praying for our precious baby Lisa Faith. Praise the Lord! She responded the treatment that doctor ordered 2 nights ago dramatically. When George and I went to visit her yesterday evening, she had no IV tubes, C-paps and medications that she was getting were much less. She was still receiving extra oxygen but her breathing was much much easier without any pressure to her lung! X-ray was much better ….

I can’t explain how wonderful God is. Nurse even fed her my breast milk with bottle last night and she ate it all! They think that she might be ready to transfer to the regular nursery very soon. I am so thankful for all those people who have been praying for her. God is in control and He is almighty. We will visit her again this morning and we are hoping that we will receive again a good news. God bless you all. And thank you! Love in Christ, Mitsue”

And again: “We as a family are all reading your emails. We are so thankful that many people are praying for Lisa Faith. It’s almost unbelievable that how internet can do for people who in need of care. Thank you, Rob!

Lisa is getting better dramatically and we believe that because of all those prayers that she has been receiving from all over the places. God is wonderful. She has no Ivs and she is getting oxygen through her nose but it’s 21% which is as same as we get in the air. She has been eating very good and gaining weight. Nurse even told us that she might be able to be discharged in couple of days! We are so thrilled that she is coming home soon.

We are praying that she won’t get worse which I trust that it won’t happen but we are still praying.

Thank you again for people who have been praying for her! God performs miracles!Love in Christ, Mitsue”

Lisa Faith is now at home healthy and well with her parents. July, 1999.