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Austin Graham had been hospitalized since January 18, 2000. He had a seizure that put him in a comatose state.

“Last night, little 6 year old Austin Graham returned to Church for the very first time since he went into a coma. We had our 40th Church anniversary supper last night. Austin’s Grandfather carried him up the steps to the Church cafeteria, walked directly over to me and sat him in my lap.

Oh what a joy I felt, to hold this living miracle in my arms. His left side is full of movement where there was none. His eyes were wide open. He could stand on his feet with assistance. You could tell by his eye movement that he was very aware of his surroundings. I couldn’t help but cry with joy and praise the Lord. I am so grateful for that time I held him in my arms, and so grateful for all your prayers and support. He still can’t talk yet but he sure is trying.

God bless each and every one of you who supported Austin and his family with your prayers.

Love in Christ,”

Viki (Received on Tuesday March 28, 2000)