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Severe Abdominal Pain

Yesterday (Saturday) my 7 year old son developed an acute, severe pain in his lower abdomen. He said it was like a knife ripping him apart. Needless to say, Rob and I were VERY concerned. When it hadn’t gone away an hour later, but instead was getting worse, we claimed the promise of James 5:14. We gathered around him, laid hands on him and anointed him with oil. Then I took him to ER. The pain got steadily worse, to the point that at triage he was considered a high priority and was brought right in — ahead of a full waiting room! About the time we got back into the exam room to wait for the ER doctor, he started to perk up a little. Over the next 15 minutes, he slowly began to become himself again, and when the doctor came in to look at him, he was completely asymptomatic! Praise God! He healed my son!

Lyn Chaffart (Received on Sunday September 20, 2002)