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Don’t Give Up! I Am Coming!

Something wonderful happened to me a few minutes ago. I broke down, thinking about my mother and the outcome of the surgery. I have already given her up to the Lord. If He wants her with Him, so be it, but a while ago, I turned around and asked Him to let her live. Not to take her from us, yet. I started crying and felling weak. All the while I was hooking up the internet. I saw a letter entitled “Don’t give up, I am coming”. I immediately opened it and God assured me that I must wait for Him and not surrender to the enemy. Immediately, I was at peace and I started praising God and continued reading the prayer petitions and asking the Lord’s help for all the people. As I read on, I came across the petition I put in for my Mother’s surgery. PRAISE GOD! He is so awesome and knows exactly when, how and where we need His help. Thank you for all your encouragement and support. May our Lord shower you with His grace forever. Love in Jesus’ love,

Gloria (Received on Tuesday March 12, 2002)