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Dear friend in Christ, Regardless of your beliefs about demon possession or tongues for that matter, I wanted to send you this because my daughter wanted to share her experience. Whatever happened tonight increased her faith and that’s what’s important. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Sandy

“Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I’m doing a lot better in everything that I’m going through. You know, I saw the most awesome thing tonight at church. I only feel like writing this once, so I want you to forward it out to everybody. A demon was cast out of this woman at church. When Bro. Rick( my youth pastor) was giving the alter call, 5 people came up. Well, while he was praying for the 2nd person, this woman came up and stood at the beginning of the line.

Well, bro Rick kept praying for other folks until she was up there by herself. He came over and barely had put his hand on her and started speaking in tongues and she hit the ground and curled up in a ball. He started praying for demons to release her. Well, she had this low voice for a minute, then she started screaming “help me”, and crying.

After a few minutes, she stopped crying and just laid there while the men of the board prayed for peace. Bro. Rick helped her up and told her to be careful to not open any more doors for Satan to get a foothold in, then he prayed for her to have peace. Whenever they were on the ground praying, I was about 2 foot away from them and I got chills down to my spine. There was something powerful in that place tonight. I’ve been Pentecostal my whole life (which ain’t been but 15 years), but that was by far the most awesome thing that I’ve seen God do. Yes, demons can be in people and yes, they can be cast out. I’ve seen it. “

Kristen (Received on Monday January 21, 2001)