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4 Requests

We had an urgent prayer request two weeks ago about Nick, a boy aged 14, who had a heart condition. Here is the update.

“Guess what………Nick is going to be fine! Thanks to all the prayers and the Lord! This is such great news, and I’ve copied the email that his mother sent me tonight……”

“Hello Cathy….

Nick is fine.. doc called this morning and the odd beats are not occurring while he sleeps.. is just when he is starting to get active.. when he gets active , after a while it slows down to normal… so he has to be careful and is to be monitored every year, more often if necessary… still no caffeine… but he is okay… I guess they were more concerned about what was going on while sleeping more than anything else… and doc says no medication at this time….

so please tell your friends that were praying that their prayers helped and please give yourself a hug for all of your prayers too…. you have become a wonderful friend.. and I thank you.

Love ya


“Rob, I have written to you with four different prayer requests…and the prayers have all been answers with the first one being for Scott, who, as we know at this moment he is cancer free, and I know in my heart that he will continue to be this way for the rest of his life. He has been given a second chance, and he thanks the Lord every day for this.

Then there is my friend Terri, who had breast cancer…..and she too is doing well………all test having come back normal and again another prayer has been answered.

My friend Terry remains sober, and involved in AA. He seems so enthusiastic about life, and I know that he’ll never sink back to the levels that almost did him in.

And now my fourth request to you….the one about Nick.

My mother always used to say the Lord works in mysterious ways…but I know one thing, I’ll never question HIM!

Thank you for all of your prayers on behalf of my friends, and thank you to all of those others out there who have included my friends in their prayers!

May the Lord be with you for now and forever!” Cathy , July 1999.