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Car Problems

Two weeks ago today, our van broke down in my mom’s driveway. You may remember seeing the praise report that I submitted at that time. The transmission was out, and the bad news of all of this was that it was going to cost 2,000$ to repair it. I was tempted to worry about the cost, but God just took me in the palm of His hand and told me to give the problem to Him. So I did. The following Monday, last Monday, the battery on our other car died. $125. Not a bad price, but still an additional expense. I was tempted again to worry, to doubt God, for not only did He not send the money to pay for the van, but now we had an additional car expense! Again, God told me to put it in His hand, and I did. On Thursday of last week, my husband found out that a bank account that he had closed out several years ago still contained 117$. We rejoiced. That covered the battery.

Then on Friday, my paycheck was direct deposited into our bank account. It was 1,500$ more than usual. This means that it was way more than double what I normally get. I had no idea where the extra money came from as I had forgotten to take the paystub home. I suspected a miracle from God, but tried not to think about it until I had found out for sure that there hadn’t been some kind of an error. Well, today at work, I looked at my paystub, and sure enough, the money was legitimate. It seems that during the year and a half between the time my worksite voted to go union and the time when we actually went union, I was underpaid. The extra 1500$ was retro pay for that year and a half! But besides all of that, it goes most of the way for paying off the expense on the van! Praise God! He truly is faithful to His children!

Lyn Chaffart (Received on Wednesday February 6, 2202)