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Healed From MS


By Sheila Lee Vollmer October 3, 2001

My name is Sheila Lee Vollmer, I attend Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, and Calvary Chapel, Golden Springs, (Diamond Bar) California. I love my Lord Jesus with all my heart and pray daily to be worthy of His calling.

On April 6, 1997 God granted me His Healing Touch and removed the damage done to my body by 7+ years of MS!!! My desire with this paper is to document the history of this illness up until and through God’s healing, including dates, doctor’s names etc. My prayer is that others will be touched by God through this and come to KNOW our God DOES HEAL!

My body began suffering the deterioration caused by MS sometime prior to 1990. A Little Background: In 1990, I became very ill, first mentally, than physically, but I remained undiagnosed until 1997. MENTALLY: This all began with serious mood swings and extreme bouts of depression. Much of my time was spent in bed with blankets over my head just wishing I could disappear, or worse, wishing I were dead. Crying for days – with no idea “why?!” During my desperate search for help a dear pastor told me all I needed was to get closer to God. “OUCH” “But, I love God”, I cried, and immediately plunged deeper into the black pit that I was desperately trying to climb out of! Many of you may have heard these same words, I hope not, because they hurt beyond description and can cause further damage. I do pray pastors would recognize that there are physical problems that they may not be aware of yes we need God desperately but a doctor can be needed too! During that particular time I was on such shaky ground emotionally that this could easily have cost me my life, by the grace of God… it didn’t!!

In reflection, this is really scary; God must have had a dozen angels stationed around me! I DID think of killing myself, it’s terrible to se those words typed out before me now.but I can clearly remember being so lost deeply depressed and John stopping me from getting into my car, knowing I wanted to hurt myself. Sobbing uncontrollably, angry for no reason and afraid. And yet I had a good life and a husband who loved me, a wonderful daughter, this was very confusing. No one knew I had MS, which causes severe depression, so they pretty much decided I just needed to “Cheer up. Give this to God”. Problem: When you are sick, you need to get help! I was suffering from severe clinical depression and words couldn’t fix me! If you have a loved one doing any of these things, get them help, pray with; but get them to a doctor and give medicine a try, it could be physical! God did give us doctors and medicine! For two years I was on freeways, driving blindly in tears, to and from my church (30 min. away) four and five nights a week. Many times I would get completely lost and have to pull off of the freeway and call home to ask John for directions…. Often I was over an hour from home, having gone on the wrong freeway! Looking back.God’s protection was no less than incredible!!! PHYSICALLY; I began losing my ability to write or use my hands, then my ability to stand and walk. Once a VERY active woman having all the balance and coordination required to skate (pre-competition), I found myself reduced to someone afraid to stand away from a chair or a wall.

The walls of my home now balanced me and were becoming fingerprinted from me hanging on as I made my way through the house. Falling with no warning had become all too common, my legs would simply not go when I did and down I went. Sometimes I would turn too much and just walk head first into a wall. It’s hard to imagine, but when your brain is sending the signal to stop, and your feet and legs don’t get that signal, you just crash. It’s very weird. Being covered with large bruises people would stare at me I probably looked like a battered wife, so I took to wearing long sleeves and high necks. The bathroom was especially dangerous with its hard surfaces, I would be so careful and then suddenly I would fall into the bathtub, hitting my head, sometimes I would lie there and sob. Walking without help was out of the question, so my husband took me everywhere, holding tightly to my hand and balancing me! Our ability to do even that was declining fast My vision had become extremely blurry to the point that I no longer could see my pastor from the front row at church.

Driving my car had been put on hold because my perspective and judgment had diminished, but also because of the occasional desire to drive through a wall or off of a high freeway ramp

THE FIRST MEDICAL HELP: All of my doctors wanted me to try anti-depressants, but I was being told Christians have no need for such medications and they are just crutches. So, naturally I refused. Finally, my family doctor who is Christian, convinced me to take home a week sample of anti-depressants and try them, reminding me that I had to take medication for my seizures and asked me what made me think my brain was perfect?” That did make me laugh!!! So I agreed. In 3 days the world was a different place to live in! The physical symptoms were all still there and they were naturally depressing, but not like before not even remotely!!! The sobbing diminished and so did the insane anger and occasional desire to drive my car into a wall or some other such craziness! KNEEMAIL PRAYER MINISTRY WAS BORN: I think the year was 1995 when I began praying for God to give me a ministry, whatever special ministry HE had in His Plans for my life.

I had NOTHING to offer!!! I had been an artist that was gone, there was very little I could do. God kept telling me “Computer” and I kept responding “No Way. Computer, I’m an artist”. We argued for 3 months. He won! That’s a much longer story, but that was the beginning, in the midst of this pain and worthlessness!!! God took this piece of clay that was totally broken and useless to the world, but with a heart for Him and HE put this ministry together!! Many of us have been praying together that long This is a continual miracle, most of the dear brothers and sisters don’t know how they happened to find us, neither do I, no web site, nothing but the greatest web, our Lord Jesus. We have pastors and missionaries all over the world praying with us, I can only smile and say “Thank You Lord, You are so amazing!”

DIAGNOSIS: In desperation we called the Mayo Clinic who promptly requested I come to their facility immediately. The Mayo Clinic’s Neurological teams of doctors all work together, conferring on all cases. Each neurologist specializes in a different area. It was quite unique.

First appointment – head of the neurology dept. – Dr. Zimmerman, who within 5 minutes asked me if I had been tested for MS. I had not been and he was somewhat shocked and was having difficulty covering his anger at my doctors. He turned me over to their Neurologist who specializes in MS for a four-day battery of tests – extremely full days .

The following days included tests that were very extensive, including a complete testing of my nervous system from head to toe, MRI’s, more specific Nerve Conduction Tests, and massive blood work-ups.

On Friday, April 4, 1997, I was told my diagnosis was MS. Although this was not very good news I was so happy to finally know what was happening to me. THE DOCTOR’S TREATMENT PLAN The doctors were in agreement that given the progression of my disease it would be appropriate to try some radical treatment. The plan was to give me a weeklong series of intravenous steroid injections. Yes, many side affects. Probably outcome: May or may not have any effect on the MS. but just sometimes would result in a long lasting remission! This was the hope and the doctors were rather adamant about the need to start immediately because all they could hope for was to slow down the process, as no damage done could be undone!

With the Lord was tugging at my heart; I told them I needed to come home and spend a week in my church first, but agreed to come back the following Monday to undergo the treatments. They were not entirely pleased with my decision. GOD’S HEALING TOUCH!!! God’s ways are gentle and loving and He will always meet us right where we are! After Bible Study on Sunday evening, April 6, 1997, several good friends, a pastor, John and I met in our church’s prayer room to came before the Lord and seek His answer to this illness! Our pastor prayed, as did all of my friends as they anointed me with oil and laid hands on me, all of us trusting in James 5:14-15, that God’s Word is True and He Does Heal. I knew God had touched me as I was filled with a PEACE that I’d not experienced before! NOTE: This happened peacefully and quietly in the little prayer room at my church. It’s not necessary to travel to find the Holy Spirit’s anointing! Jesus met us right where we were just like He promises to do… In gentleness, love and His Perfect Peace!

HEALED!!!!! Back home I continued holding onto walls, out of habit, but after two days I realized I wasn’t falling. That’s when it really began to hit me, so I decided to try walking into the center of my living room, off I went. Heel to toe, heel to toe. The way the doctors always tested me! I DID IT, I WALKED BACK, I DID IT, there I was staring at a miracle, WOW what an incredible feeling!!! Crying, laughing, falling to my knees in tears to praise God!!!!

MONDAY: CHANGE OF PLANS, MORE TESTS; We returned to the Mayo Clinic on Monday as promised to a doctor who seemed somewhat confused! It was awesome!!! She politely asked me if we would allow them to do a few more tests. She wanted to repeat a couple of the tests and do a couple of new tests. I agreed to the additional tests, I KNEW it was the Lord! And s they began.7:00 AM Monday, by Wednesday late, my doctor didn’t know what to say; the tests were back. BUT THIS TIME – ALL NEGATIVE!!! Again, in her politest voice she asked if we could stay over a couple more days so she could send these tests to the Rochester Clinic for verification. DIAGNOSIS REVERSED: TESTS CONFIRMED NEGATIVE BY ROCHESTER!!!! Dr. Stone told me she didn’t know what to say, that she had NEVER misdiagnosed a case of MS before and she was so sorry, she didn’t know what to say!!! I looked at her; smiled, and told her she had not misdiagnosed me…that God had healed me! In that same “really polite sounding voice” she asked, “Do you really think God healed you?” To which I responded, “NO…I don’t THINK He healed me… I KNOW HE HEALED ME.

With that, I stood and walked heal to toe across the room and back again and again.perfect balance!!! The prior week she had witnessed me almost fall trying to take only one step with John behind me holding my shoulders! She shook her head, smiled really big then gave me a big hug…saying, “I guess we won’t have to see you here again!”

To God be the Glory forever and ever and ever!!!!

GOD’S SPECIAL TOUCH.. Ya know how God does those special little things just to confirm things in your heart? I totally love this!!! My MS doctor’s name is Lael Stone, the name Lael is only found once in the Bible in the book of Numbers and means “Belonging to God”. Accident? I doubt it

TODAY: (Day of writing this – Oct 2001) It has now been over 4 years and I’m still walking, running and dancing!!! I can climb on chairs and up ladders! I am driving my car! I can see clearly! And the internal problems I had are completely gone! The depression and mood swings gone, thrown into the deepest ocean! My friends and neighbors who observed this transformation are still in amazement because MS is a killer; it does NOT go away. One lady (not Christian) continues to ask me what I am “taking” and can’t seem to grasp the idea that God really does heal, even though she’s seen it with her own eyes, that really confuses her, but I know God is working on her in a mighty way. She says things like “I know you’re better I can see that, I remember how you were.but what did they give you?” One day our Lord will open her eyes!

DATA; Name of the person: Sheila Lee Vollmer Fullerton, California Disease: MS Duration of disease: 7+ years Date healed: Sunday evening, April 6, 1997

Physician who can certify patient had condition: Dr. Zimmerman — Head of Neurology Department Dr. Lael Stone — Neurologist / Specialty – MS Neurology Dept. — Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona

Physician who can certify patient is now healed: Dr. Leal Stone Neurology Dept. Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona

Person’s pastor: Sr. Pastor: Chuck Smith (Asked that I share with the congregation) Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California

Love and hugs and prayers!!! Your Sister in Christ,

You are welcome to share this freely, please leave it intact, may it bless you and encourage you in God’s Word, Who sent His Son to die for our sins and by His stripes we are healed!!

Sheila Lee Vollmer (Received on Tuesday July 16, 2002)