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House to be Auctioned

“Thank you Lord Jesus for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I have not heard from my doctors yet regarding the tests they recently did, but as you know my house was scheduled to be auctioned on Tuesday December the 7th at 12 Noon, I have a story that will lift your hearts. I never stopped praying. I had doubts thrown in as to what God’s plans for me were, I turned that over to him also, I had made phone calls to various agencies for help prior who were unable to help, and was told by one agency I was sunk and just to let the house be sold and let them evict me. I said no, that is not your place to say that, it’s in God’s hands. He wont let me down. The lady poopooed me and said goodbye.

She called back later and wanted to know if it was ok to put my son in for the Santa Fund. I thanked her and said please do. After I hung up the phone rang again, it was the legal services in my area, they said hey were unable to help me with my house at this late date but had found a private attorney who would help me. His advise was to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy so I could regroup and stop the sale of the house, but time was running out. It was already 7 PM Monday when he drew up the papers and I had to go to his office to sign them. My car wouldn’t start. I was devastated, but I prayed, went and called the lawyer and told him I couldn’t get to his office, so he said ok I will come to you.

At 10 PM that night, he brought the papers to me I signed them and the next morning he filed for protection at 9:40 AM, delivered the papers to my house at 11:00 AM and at 12 Noon with the street lined with people that wanted to bid on my house I shook and went outside to find the banks lawyer to present my court order to him to stop the sale. Without a fuss the street emptied and the bank lawyer congratulated me on pulling this off in the time frame I did.

I just smiled and said nothing is impossible for Him. You know I never gave up hope and I had peace about it. I knew whatever He allowed to happen was in my best interest, and I accepted it. Thank you my brothers and sisters, the blessings have only just started. I love you all. God bless you.” Debs (Received on Thursday December 9th, 1999)