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Stolen Money

I am so thankful for the prayer warriors out there. You are all living proof of all that is God! I wrote requesting prayer just before Christmas. My money had been stolen and we were out of food. The day after I requested prayer my best friend who lives 3000 miles away sent me $500.00 for Christmas!

That same afternoon a church that I do not attend phoned and asked if I would be home. They dropped off a turkey and all the trimmings! We were able to have a very blessed Christmas after all and my 5 children never knew there was anything to worry about.

Today I was worried though because we are almost without food again and I did not know what we would eat until payday on the 31st. Today I went to check the mail and a wonderful man from this very prayer place had sent me a check for $50.00! God is wonderful! He takes care of all our needs. I cannot thank you all enough. I have so much to worry about these last couple of years raising the kids alone, now I ask myself why do I worry? God takes care of us so well. Thank you all for our wonderful Christmas and God Bless.

Tammy (Received on Dec 28, 2000)