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The Impossible Cure

I have never wrote this down, so I hope I make sense, although I have told it many times.

After being married for 13 years, my husband and I never had children and we tried really hard but the doctor said I had a condition that would probably never let me have them. This destroyed my marriage and so when I got involved in another meaningful relationship I told him upfront that I would probably never have any children.

Well not to long after we got together I got pregnant, I always thought God would give me children, because I loved kids. Nine months later I gave birth to my daughter Lacy. She was beautiful and the doctor said I was lucky she was very healthy. I thanked God for her. We brought her home, she was the apple of our eye.

One night she became sick, I was up with her most of the night. I called a friend of mine who was a nurse and asked her to listen to her, because I thought she had swallowed some vomit in the night. My friend said yes she sounded rattled and that I should take her to the emergency room. I took her there immediately, being afraid because she was so small. The hospital I took her to was not equipped for children and the most they could do was a chest X- Ray. They did the X-Ray and said they needed to life flight her to a children’s hospital in Kansas City.

My sister stayed with my daughter so we could begin driving to the hospital, because you cannot go with them on life flight. We drove as fast and as quick as we could to get to the hospital. Nothing could prepare us for what happened after we arrived there. All the way to the hospital I was praying for her. Making all sorts of crazy promises to God, and trying to swallow back the fear.

Once we arrived at the hospital they told us she was in PICU and they put us in a room and told us to wait and see the doctor before seeing her. The doctor finally came in and told us Lacy was in Cardiac Arrest and if she made it through the night, they would see what they could do for her. I was devastated and angry at God with al ot of why’s and how come’s.

Well she made it through the night, everyone at church was praying and we were to. We had several nights to follow, they were hoping she would gain some weight before they did surgery on her heart. She continued to get smaller and smaller and daily we would see children die. Praying and wondering if that was going to be us.

Finally the day came and she had her surgery. Everyone gathered the day of her surgery. We prayed together and alone. She made it through the surgery fine, but right after the surgery she went into arithmea (Where your heart beats really fast)

Her kidneys’ shut down and her limbs had turned blue. The doctor’s were shaking their heads not knowing what to do. I was so tired and weiry, that I began to cry I could not stop, it was about 1 in the morning. I called my pastor and said what can we do? He said I know you gave her to God but did you possibly take her back?

I said I did not think so, but we prayed and put her in God’s hands again. The doctor’s said it was not looking good. I not having any sleep and still crying, they told me to just lay down and they would come and get me every half hour and my husband would stay with her. After the first hour there was still no change and I asked God please save my daughter, you know she is yours. The next hour went by and completely on their own her kidney’s started back up on their own, the doctor said he could not explain that. Each half hour after that another change took place, her heart rate began to slow down in small increments and then all the way down to normal. They said she should have went into cardiac failure if it would have fallen to fast.

By 6 am that morning she was wanting to eat. Our doctors and nurses could not believe it, the nurse who had got off the night before said she did not expect to see my daughter there when she came back the next morning. It seems like yesterday this all happened. My daughter is now nine and she asks all her friends if they are saved and if not she tells them that they can have Jesus in their hearts. She is concerned for their salvation. I do not know what God’s over all plan for her is, but I know he saved her for a reason and I thank him for her daily. I recently had a new son and I put him completely in God’s hands the day he is born. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to raise my kids in his house and in his word.

Betsy Williams

Thanks to Sherry M. Keith-Rudd