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A Nurse From Heaven

For some reason, (God tapping me on the shoulder?), I’ve been thinking about experiences that I’ve had with what I truly believe are angels that have appeared in my life. In particular I remember , when I had my brain aneurysm, a nurse in ICU who was caring for me and very kind. After I went down to my “regular” room, she came down to visit me and sat on the bed next to mine (my insurance wouldn’t pay for a private room so they put me in a double but without a roomy). She talked about her husband a bit and her children. I felt such love and concern from her I can’t tell you and she only told me her first name. She told me over and over again what a miracle I wish and how God had great plans for my life and the work He wants me to do. That was the last I saw of her.

Several weeks after I came home I decided to write thank you letters to all who helped me through this life-threatening and traumatic time. I called the hospital and asked for the ICU unit and spoke to a nurse and a supervisor and told both of them about this beautiful lady and gave them her first name. They told me there has never been such a person working there. I called again on a different shift time (the time I remember being there — although I was in for 3 days) and talked again to several people on staff and no one knew of her. When I think about this entire scenario I can’t help but believe that once again, He sent an angel to help. So lesson learned? There are a lot of angels out there sent to us that we never know about unless we look back and think of what happened. Don’t know why I feel so compelled to tell you this one story of an angel encounter (I have had a couple as I said) but perhaps one of you needs to hear this right now. God bless and be happy for “angels unaware”.

Laura (Received on Wednesday February 20, 2002)