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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).

Donn abandoned his faith, his God, his wife (divorce), and his 3 children 5 years ago.

“Sunday, when we were talking, Donn mentioned that he sometimes feels that God wants him to be His lover. I could only praise the Lord–that is what He wants each of us to be–His lover. That hearing of the Holy Spirit was the first miracle.

The second miracle happened last week. I was studying about my prodigal coming home when Donn walked into the room and told me that a friend suggested that he try out for a part in a Christian TV show about to be filmed. Well, it wasn’t too long ago that he wouldn’t have even considered this–it would have been beneath him. You see, in the last 4 years, he has been trying with all his might to break into Hollywood and worldly acting (he is a professional actor). For the 13 years prior to that, the Lord had been using his acting ability in His service, but there came a time when Donn wanted more worldly adulation and praise, and thus dropped anything religious. So that was a miracle.

The third miracle is that on Sunday he got the call that he got the part, and possibly will be in the troop in an ongoing way. Praise the Lord! I only mentioned to him that God is calling him back into his service. Thank you for your prayers as I continue to stand for the restoration of Donn to Jesus and to our marriage and children.”, Spring 1999.