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Car Accident

“I have a little more sad news, but the outcome was a miracle in itself!

My husband and son left for Church before me, because my grandson was still sleeping, and I didn’t want to awake him. After the others left he awoke, and I was dressed for church, and hurried and dressed him…and we left….he buckled in his car seat in the middle of the back-seat, and I was buckled in in the driver’s seat.

It had been drizzling all morning long, and the back roads were slick. I came around a curve, and started to slide….all I could

think about was Dear God, please protect my grandson….as we whizzed by a big oak tree, fortunately missing it, but then flying thru the air and flipping all the way over….as we were flipping I turned to the back seat to see the face of a child scared to death, and as we were upside down, I said

“Dear Lord, please protect my grandson” as the tears streamed down his face!

There was glass all over when we came to rest on all four wheels, and by the grace of God, the baby was okay, and so was I other than a few bumps and bruises on both of us. As I got out of the car, again by the Grace of God, and ambulance just happened by! The EMT’s husband was following the ambulance, and he went to the church, which was only about 2 miles away, to tell my husband, and son…..

This is truly a miracle….yes, it is, and I do BELIEVE in miracles… car is demolished, but that doesn’t matter at all….like my husband said…we can always replace that, but could never have replaced my grandson…..I have cried and cried about the fact that my grandson was with me….and I ask myself what have I done to deserve that guardian angle….I don’t know, but I am one of the luckiest people around….I am thankful for God, and I am thankful for you!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, and God bless you and yours always and forever…..”

Cathy (Received on Sunday December 5th, 1999)

“Also, today on the way to the doctor’s office, I stopped by to look at my wrecked car. My husband and I were standing at the kitchen door this morning, and he said to me….”it wasn’t luck that I had on Sunday morning, but rather that God was taking care of me and my grandson”.

The reason for this comment was the fact of what I saw today in my car. You see, a post had gone thru the back window and punctured the head liner in the back seat just above the baby’s head, but a little to the left. If my grandson had been buckled in his seat on the left, rather than in the middle of the seat, I am afraid that he would not be with us today…..So you see, the Lord was with us on Sunday when I buckled him in…..I cry about this everything I think about it.

How will I ever give thanks to such a deserving God? He did send his guardian angle to protect us, this I am convinced of.

Thank you for listening to me….and I do praise the Lord!”

Cathy (Received on Tuesday December 7th, 1999)

“My grandson cries when put in his baby car seat, but in time, I am sure he’ll get over this. He really went thru a traumatic thing on Sunday, and I thank my gracious God for sparing our lives, and letting both of us walk away from a horrible accident.

The sight on my grandson’s face is still foremost in my mind, and brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. I will always know that God protects us ALL, and will forever be in His debt for this. He is truly my savior.” Cathy (Received on Wednesday December 8th, 1999)