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Christmas Presents

I got an e-mail with your site on it and had to share my ‘prayer experience’….I lost a bag full of my 17 yr. Old granddaughter’s Christmas presents in it…I was upset with myself for being so careless but we searched high and low in our house…even in the attic, I thought maybe I carried it up there when I went for boxes to wrap gifts…nothing…as a last resort, I asked God to help me correct my careless mistake and lead me to the place where I placed the bag…just last week,1 month later, I opened the coat closet in the living room, out fell the bag of clothes I had lost…I never remember putting them in there and I had opened that closet many times before and they didn’t fall out but after asking God to help me, He showed me where they were.. So now she will be getting a belated Christmas present.

In His Love,

Rita Reinard (Received January 30, 2006