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Going Place Beyond My Dreams

I would like to share about the incredible love and the Amazing Grace of God in my life. My life was really no different from most people who have experienced life without a purpose or hope. It is only by “grace” that I live today with the opportunity of sharing that HOPE…that “HOPE” is “Jesus Christ”.

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have incredible parents and 7 brothers/sisters. I was raised to believe “in” God but not how to have a relationship with HIM. As a teen I was a cheerleader and my brothers and father were all athletes. I have joyous childhood memories. We are a very close family. Love was never a doubt for me. Life itself proved many.

In 1972 at 20 years old, I was accepted to Eastern Airlines as a Flight Attendant. I left home and began a life full of fascination in a world that I was not ready for and life would never be the same. Miami and Chicago became my home as I traveled the world. After 4 years in the airlines, I moved to Santa Barbara, California where I found myself meeting people and going places beyond my dreams. I soon became a model and ran a Production Company which took me into Hollywood and Beverly Hills and a “fast lane”.

Soon drugs/alcohol became a way of life. I could blame relationships, people, success, disappointments for the use of drugs/alcohol. However, they were only a guise that covered the confusion that plagued my life. In 1980 I married. My life became a living nightmare. Physical, emotional, mental, alcohol/drug abuse. During this time, I gave birth to two beautiful children. I wanted to be a good mother, but my life was so horrible. Soon I was in/out off mental hospitals, ReHab, jails/prison. Soon I lost it ALL…and my children. The years without my children were nothing short of hell.

I didn’t realize it then but my search for a “Savior” began. In 1986 I was released from prison/rehab with a court order to live with my father. I had to prove fit as a mother/citizen. After two grueling years I got my children back…one at a time. Afraid, but hopeful, we pressed on. In 1988 I remarried. Again I found myself in a world of wealth, confusion, deceit. Although financially secure and drug free I felt alone and lost. My husband had an affair with my best friend and in 1991 we divorced. Again feeling abandoned and shame/failure.

My brother offered me the “LOVE” of Jesus Christ. I knew my search was over. I found my “SAVIOR”. I dedicated my “life” to Jesus. I asked God to help me raise “HIS” children. I vowed to remain single for as long as it took. I needed to “know” who I was in Christ and my children had had enough. Life then took a turn. The influence of my past weighed on my son. He needed attention. We came to Grand Rapids for family support. My son was kicked out of schools, in/out of runaway homes. Soon, we were led to an incredible church and the kids became BORN AGAIN.

God’s Grace continue in our lives. Today my son serves God with zeal. He is a college student and athlete. His ambitions are as teacher/coach and Youth Pastor. My stunning 16 year old daughter is “on fire” for Jesus Christ! She is active in her Youth Group and a Missionary! No words can describe God’s Amazing Grace and Love. Today I am married to an incredible man of God…my best friend. I declare my “capacity” as a wife and mother as…my GREATEST feat. Today, I know “who” I am…I am the daughter of a “KING”…THE “KING OF KINGS”. My name is Julie and I continue…LIVING IN THE ANSWER”… The answer is “Jesus Christ”. Forever Amen. (Jeremiah 29:11) “LIVING IN THE ANSWER” (Not the Problem…the Answer “is”…Jesus Christ!)

Thank you for taking time to read Julie’s testament. Her powerful message comes from her soul and spirit where she takes her experiences and utilized them as means to conquer adversity. She walks in “Victory”.

Julie brings forth a message of hope to the hopeless, courage to the defeated and the incredible “power” of Jesus Christ! The Amazing Grace.

TO YOUNG WOMEN: Shattered dreams. As a Model and Flight Attendant and having it all…Julie shares how drugs/alcohol, relationships led to a destructive end. But there is “Victory” in Jesus. She will share that the enemy’s tactics are no match for the “LOVE” of Jesus Christ.

TO YOUNG MEN: With keen wisdom/understanding; their goal in achieving the “call” on their lives “in Christ”. (She stood strong in the gap for her son) from Runaway homes/trouble in school…to “Victory” in Jesus.

TO WOMEN: Tactful, (but with fun flavor), the “powerful” role as women of God, wives and mothers. As a single…knowing “who” we are “in Christ”. Our capacity as a wives (“it isn’t a chore, it is an honor”) to “help” and pray our husbands to “their” goals in Christ. She shares her defeats as mother and wife but the “VICTORY” in Jesus! God’s Promises.

TO MEN: “Seeing” themselves” as their wives and God see them. Of their “honor” and dignity. Their Obedience to God overflows “power” of Jesus Christ to their families. (4-Pillars of a Man’s Heart).

Julie’s life today is realized due to her tenacity and “love” for Jesus Christ. Her challenges worked “for her”. Julie “celebrates” her role as wife, mother, daughter, sister/friend… and declares it as…”My greatest feat”.

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