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Roughly six months ago, I didn’t know where I would be this fall. My grades at my former school were bad, and I didn’t know if I would be able to start at my current school this summer, this fall, or ever. When I got accepted for the summer session back in May, one of the admissions counsellors told me the odds would be stacked against me, and she tried her best to persuade me to stay at my old school until my grades got better. But I went against her advice and started here back at the end of May. There were rough times, but with God’s grace, I pulled it out and am still here at my new school today, and doing probably better than I ever have. I can’t even begin to recall how many times God has bailed me out of a bad (or possibly bad) situation.

There are two points I’m trying to make.

#1: Regardless of the situation, if it’s in God’s plans for you to overcome a bad situation, He will help you get it done.

#2: When you ask God for help, odds and probability don’t mean squat.

God bless.

J. Patrick Capps (Received on October 19, 2000)