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He Cares

I get the answers2prayer every day in my mailbox. Well, lately I’ve been wondering why. It didn’t seem like the stories of encouragement weren’t encouraging and the bible sermons left no impact on my life. Well, tonight I know why I haven’t pushed the unsubscribe button during the last couple of days. It’s a long story, but I need to let everything out.

Lately, my boyfriend has seemed so distant to me. We’ve been going out for almost 8 months and even though I was told that the “infatuation” stage wouldn’t last forever, I didn’t think it would end this soon. I know that I’m only 15, and just like most teenagers, I think the world revolves around me and petty problems are life changers. I don’t know how long it’s been since you were a teen and I don’t know if you remember very much of it, but when your heart slowly breaks, it seems like the world is going to end.

Well, to get to my point, your mini bible sermon hit the nail right on the head. It feels like no one understands me, no one cares how I feel, and if I was prettier, smarter, funnier, etc., then I my life would just be hunky dory. Tonight I was planning on quickly going through my e-mail and crying myself to sleep like I have for the last couple of nights, but God had a different plan. Thanks for listening to His leading when you put together the lesson. Now I realize that no matter what goes on and how trivial it all seems to me, God has His hand in things and He understands me whenever no one else does.

Kristen Moody (Received on Wednesday October 31, 2001)