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Hurricane Debby

Sample request received on Wednesday August 23, 2000:

“Now, we need prayers you may know a hurricane is threatening Cuba and South Florida. Last year my sister lost her home to flooding and it took several months for her and her family to returned to their home. Our area tends to overflow due to old sewage which the county has done nothing about. Please, keep us in your prayers. I keep you all in my heart and ask the Lord to bless you. Peace, health. And His Love to all”



Storm Debby turned out to be a dud, and officials invited tourists back to the Florida Keys on Thursday. The mandatory evacuations order issued Wednesday for all visitors was lifted at 9 a.m., after Debby weakened and began heading south of Cuba instead of taking aim at the island chain. A state of emergency was also lifted. Debby, which was downgraded to a tropical storm on Wednesday, weakened further as it hit Cuba, its rain bands soaking the islands in its wake. By midday Thursday, it had dissipated into a tropical wave with no definable centre. Forecasters said there would be no more advisories unless the remnants move over the Gulf of Mexico and regenerate. Praise our Lord!

This has definitely been an answer to my prayer. Everybody was expecting the hurricane to increase its force after hitting the ocean. The stores were full and everybody was preparing for Thursday even at work. It look a real hit. The Lord was merciful, thanks to all your prayers. I pray for all of you. Blessings

Raysa (Received Friday August 25, 2000)