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Losing a Job

I would like to offer this praise report:

When my husband lost his job about a month ago, we (the Cardonas) were desperately afraid and certain that we had nothing to fall back on and nowhere to turn. God has seen us through hard times before but, this time was different and it MUST be because we took it to Him in prayer IN A BIG WAY.

I don’t think prayers are answered according to how many are praying, but when we reach out to each other in His name and brothers & sisters are willing to stand with us, miracles happen! I’m so thankful to the prayer warriors that I just want to cry tears of joy, what a blessed relief from the stinging tears of fear. Our Lord loves us so much and never fails us; His glory shines through! God, we love You and praise You!

THE GOOD NEWS: This last month was barely a bump in the road; we received enough money to get by (from very unlikely sources!), some of which was owed us and need not be repaid. My husband was hired on the spot yesterday for a position that he has trained for since he was a kid. He started this morning. His confidence is restored, and then some. We see a solid platform at the end of this financial tightrope, and I will finally have the medical coverage I’ve needed for so long. That’s a blessing in itself!

THANKS again, everyone; rejoice with me and praise Him today and always. Thank you so much! God bless you and your ministries.

In His love,

Kitty (Received on Thursday June 29. 2000)