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Love of God

The GREATEST continual joy I’ve ever known has been since I started Praising my Wonderful God and making HIM first and middle and last in my life–He is the MOST IMPORTANT One. He is good all the time and is soooo faithful to us.

It’s hard to explain this to people, because we each have to try Him out for ourselves. He cares. As you know, I am standing for the restoration of my covenant marriage to my husband of 23 years. Even though I love him very much, in fact, more than I ever have–this is due to what God has given me for him–I had to tell him just last night that I have to obey and follow what God tells me to do now in my life, that my love for God is greater than for anyone else.

Donn has been trying to get me to date around, but I let him know that God has made my way plain and that I will follow Him all the days of my life, even if it means that we will not get back together. Funny thing is, God has given me joy that is beyond any measure! I praise His wonderful holy name. He is the best Father anyone could ever have!

Joan Cruze (Received on Tuesday May 30, 2000)