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Overwhelming Peace

I am writing to you in regards to the prayer request for my next-door neighbor and their daughters Kellie and Toni. One of the daughters is adopted, and is bi-racial. The other is ashamed of her race, and is having problems with her sister as well as her family. My neighbor is not prejudice and has never been, that is why I would not allow that thought into my mind. I spoke to my neighbor today, and she told me that the day that I posted her prayer request, she had a feeling of overwhelming peace come over her, and she has not been in the pain or torment of this situation since. Praise God, because I know that He is her peace. I guess what I am asking for prayer for now, is that God will open the eyes of the daughter that is prejudice to the fact that it is wrong, and so that she can get on with her relationship with her sister and her family. In God’s love,

Penny (Received on Wednesday February 28, 2001)