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Taking Care of Us

On Friday afternoon, February 18th my husband, my granddaughter (nine years old) and I were coming home from my daughter’s house (Delmarie). The weather was not too bad, but it was snowing. My husband was driving our trans port van. It was slippery and the van was going to the left lane. A truck was coming and I told my husband to be careful not to hit it. He tried to control the van and applied the breaks. The van then started going side to side and crossed the left lane and went into a ditch. It was about to turn on its right side. Thank God there were no cars coming, the truck was already gone. We were so scared. I had my cell phone with me, I called 911. We were fine, praise the Lord!

Before taking off from my daughter’s parking lot, I said to my husband and my granddaughter: “lets pray for the Lord to take care of us.” Yes, He took care of us. My granddaughter then told me: “God made us to pray because He knew something was going to happen.” Please, share this testimony with others. Thanks.

Maria Torres-Rodriguez (Received on Saturday February 26, 2000)