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The Day God Protected My Husband

We were moving our trailer, an old trailer out of the direct sun into the shade of an old oak tree… My husband had a good friend helping him, and a neighbor offered to move the trailer with his tractor… We were just moving it from one side of the acre, to the middle of the acre… In the middle of the move, one of the tires, came off its rim. Well, the tractor could not let the tounge of the trailer all the way down, so they had to put it up on some cender blocks.

My husband and our good friend were under the trailer working on getting the tire back on the rim, as I went inside, I got to a certain point in the yard, where I could not see what was going on, and a feeling of total despair came over me, I looked up to heaven and asked God, not to allow anything to happen to Lonnie, my husband, I said, “no, Lord, let me lose my trailer, and ten more, but not my Lonnie” with this, I went on inside my father’s trailer, directly to the window, to see if I could see anything!

When I couldn’t I turned around and went right back outside… My husband who was not saved at that time, was standing there mad as a hornet… I saw a gash in the side of the trailer, and my other next door neighbor was standing there looking odd… I asked what happened to the trailer, and my answer was that the trailer fell, and has twisted the frame.

Gary the next door neighbor should have come around the right end of the trailer, but instead came all the way around the back, to the tounge of the trailer, and noticed it about to fall, yelled for Lonnie and Stevie to look out, and as they cleared it, it fell… Had the trailer fell, while they were working on it, they both would have been killed. That feeling I had experienced swept over me again, as if to say, “I heard your Prayer!”… I know that God was watching over us, and heard my prayers… He has been so wonderful…. We had to live with my father for three weeks while we found another trailer, but Praise God! , My Lonnie was alive…

Penny (Received on Wednesday February 28, 2001)